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The sixth Harry Potter film, as almost anyone with an internet connection or television knows, is currently in theaters. So far it has grossed $395M worldwide (according to IMDb) and hasn’t even been out a full week. It hit trending topics on Twitter as people talked about their plans to go see it, or their thoughts after they did. Same on Facebook.

And then, when I went to the book store over the weekend, there was Harry Potter again. Big displays of the book series, especially the final book (Deathly Hallows). I guess people who haven’t read the final book will want to know what happens after this film ends. Or like me, they may need to refresh their memory after reading the last book over two years ago. Or something like that.

emma watson at harry potter premiere

Emma Watson at Harry Potter premiere, image: Zuma Press

What I do know is that book stores are taking advantage of marketing tie-ins by setting up those huge displays. They know it’s the perfect time to push the books. Maybe someone who has seen one or two of the films will decide to check out the books and see what the fuss is about. Or buy it as a gift.

It’s the same with toys. Wands, wizard hats, little round Harry-esque glasses, stuffed toys. They are all front and center trying to capture some of the attention that the film naturally generates. Yes, the tie-ins are ripe around a film opening.

How can you use that in your business?

Think about what events can generate interest in your business. Holidays. Local events. Or even local celebrities. Conferences. How can you take the attention these events get and parlay it into attention for you?

There’s a blogging conference in Chicago later this week and chatter on Twitter and Facebook keep increasing as the event approaches. Even companies that don’t sponsor the event are finding ways to garner attention. Maybe they are offering prizes to attendees, or offering sponsorships, or just offering freebies to those chattering about it.

Think for a moment how you can do the same. You may not be able to tie in to Harry Potter, but there are certainly other movies, events, people or places to consider.

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