Game Targeting Gay Men Taken Offline

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A video game that encourages players to shoot and kill gay men has been removed from a Georgian website after people freaked out.  Where do these ridiculous internet games come from and how is it a surprise when people demand they be taken down?

hunter Apparently, it’s been on the Uzinagaz website since 2002 but was only recently discovered.  The Gay Armenia group said it “promoted hatred and violence against gay people.”  Uh… I’d have to agree with that statement with ZERO hesitation.

In the game, nude men jump out at the male hunter in the forest where they proceed to rape him (yes, the act is shown in the game!) unless he shoots them first.  Wow.  What else can be said?

I will admit that I sometimes have a sense of humor that verges on politically incorrect and I respected the honesty of the website owner when he explained that the games on his site are not socially acceptable.  What stunned me, though, is that he said that it’s “juvenile humor… aimed at teenagers” between 12 and 18 years of age.  I have a serious problem with that.  This game went from bad to worse when I realized who the target audience was.

The website owner went on to say: “I realize now that this one in particularly could be found shocking, but I believe that you should be able to make this kind of joke in the name of freedom of speech. Incidentally, not everyone in the gay community was supportive of banning the game.”

The game is gone now and I couldn’t be happier.  What do you think?  Should games like this exist?


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  • darbs

    Well that’s the problem with freedom of expression, if you want to be able to express you yourself you have to accept everyones expressions

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