Anthony Reza Solhi: “I am not a crook!”

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    Franchise scam watchers and alleged victims alike know the name Anthony Reza Solhi all too well.

    unhappybutt100According to the Anthony Reza Solhi: Predatory Scammer or Innocent Victim? blog post on Unhappy Franchisee, Canada’s Anthony Reza Solhi is regarded by many to be a predatory con man who preyed on the hopes and dreams of recent immigrants, drove a Porsche and bought a mansion with an indoor pool with their life savings.

    (FranchisePick.Com previously reported on Solhi with two posts, The Latest U.S. Import: Franchise Fraud, & Another Pizza Franchise Scam Victim comes Forward.)

    But now Anthony Reza Solhi is fighting back.  Solhi has launched an aggressive blogging campaign to tell his side of the story:  That he is himself a victim of a predatory news media and misguided, unscrupulous franchisees.

    Could it be that the much-maligned Solhi is the unfair victim of an orchestrated smear campaign?  Or is he laying the PR groundwork for his next big venture?

    Read the story here:  Anthony Reza Solhi: Predatory Scammer or Innocent Victim?


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      • Joe

        I personally worked for Reza at his Bay Street Office for several years.
        He has no class, is arogant, self absorbed and is deserving of all the flack is is currently getting. There are numerous times we were never paid on time and had our pay cheques bounced when we finally received one. All while he was driving his several luxury vehicles, taking nice vacations and wearing expensive suits. He was rude to all to all of his employees and I guarantee to this day everyone of his employees and happy to hear what he is going thru.
        He hurt and ripped off too many good people and there must be special place in hell waiting for him.

      • Dexter

        I worked for this crook for a little over 2 months, until I realized that enough was enough. I am still waiting to be paid, along with another 12 other people who also brought up claims to the ministry of labor. He was trying to clear up his inventory of pizza boxes from a warehouse in Mississauga, but did not pay rent, salaries or not even his suppliers.
        If you come across this guy: run! He keeps running from the justice, and he is always looking for different ways to take advantage of people.
        He is definitely trying to clean up his blemished name, but actions speak louder than words, and he already had his chances to screw up too many people.
        Hopefully he will see justice one day.

      • Karma

        Anthony Solhi is a crook he is a scammer and predator of good people. I only worked for this crook for 3 months which was the worst 3 months of my life he still owes me money. If he owes you money he now has a business called Restaurant Depot

        the address is 720 Burnhamthorpe Rd West Mississauga Ontario

        website is

        If you want to bring him to justice if you do to you know how to reach me

        • myhome6730

          I recently worked for this person at 240 Superior Blvd Mississauga from Feb 18-24, 2011 both my self and son and were never paid would like to start a class action against this man and get him off the street.

      • bill

        I also worked for this little prick with Napoleon complex. He ripped me off and my client. Wrong people to screw with. I take much pride in knowing that
        my client and I were the last nail in the 341 coffin saga. You reap what you sow
        you thief.See you’re still thieving by taking the business name of one of
        the largest restaurant suppliers in Eastern USA. Guess you think they will
        come to Canada and will have to buy your stolen name eh? Just like you stole your name from 241 pizza.You’re not fooling anyone who knows you scumbag.
        Hope the people who you ripped off find you.

      • unknown

        Has anyone gotten Anywhere with there complaints to the MOL or court or anything? I also worked for and was unpaid. He was at the address is 720 Burnhamthorpe Rd West Mississauga Ontario. Company name: Public Cash & Carry. He has moved Yet again. but where?

        • another victim

          He just moved to 240 superior blvd. mississauga. you wont see his company name in front of the bldg. cause he is only renting a space there but if you go inside , you can ask for him. He had to move from burnhamthorp because he had problems paying his rent. He was’nt paying his employees too.

        • MaryAnn

          Hi I just dealt with this person Anthony for 5 1/2 days and he is so full of it is new address is 240 Superior Blvd, please contact me would like to take a class action against this guy.

      • joe

        a lot of people are still looking for him .

      • Victim

        Thanks for putting the info about Mr. Solhi’s whereabouts. He is currently at 240 Superior Boulevard,Mississauga, ON L5T 2L2. If he owes you smt. you can get your products back through Small Claims Court. Don’t be lazy, just GO FOR IT! After all, it is YOURS…

      • victim

        faggotAnthony Reza Solhi phone # 6477058566 240 Superior Boulevard,Mississauga, ON L5T 2L2 go get your stuff before he runs again

      • Almost a victim

        Wow, I’m so glad I decided to look into this person. The only reason why I did is because I had an interview with him in regards to employment, And found his behaviour, location and speach somewhat shady.

        I found it real odd that this “Owner/ President ” of an import business to the catering inustry had a tiny 2nd floor office, with no other visible employees. Also, he conducted the interview himself- normally HR, accounting or someone else conducts first interview. He also said he travels a lot, but yet he runs and does everything. He mentioned possibly moving across the street!? And moving “soon” to the USA!? He seems to do it all, and be in all places at once!?
        I was ushered upsatirs by someone walking by on the lower level who claimed “yes Anthony is on the 2nd floor, he RENTS an office from us, but is not part of our company.


        If you’re looking for him, as of Nov/Dec 2010 this is his contact: (905) 564-3323 or (647) 705-8566 located at: 240 Superior Blvd, 2nd floor, Mississauga, On
        L5C 2L2

      • Dexter

        Wow! Incredible that he is still around. I guess his cash and carry lasted less than one year, until he scammed the landlord again… I feel bad for people who gets ripped off their needed money.
        I only lost about $2,000 and had a few sleepless night, but I’m fine. The Ontario Labor Board could not do anything, as he does not own anything, and he always finds someone to be the “real” owner of his businesses.
        Be very careful and run if you come across this scumbag…

      • Carmel

        Thanks for the warning everyone. I went there for an interview and found the same thing. Nice building, no employees upstairs, only him and he conducted the interview. I knew that something was not right.

      • ripped off good

        I worked for the scam artist and didnt get paid for 3 months. The problem is he never puts the companies in his name, its always some unsuspecting employee that he puts as a director. He doesnt have to have anything but the name of the person. Its only when people go to MOL and they get a letter do they realize they are a director, He is one of the worst scammers going because he also uses other peoples identities to further his scams.

      • A previous victim

        To those who applied for a job could you please post the link to the classified ad this scammer used to lure victims in.

        Together we can run Anthonys reputation into the ground, be very careful he also gets violent and has gotten into physical fights with employees and even hits women.

      • unknown

        I read all these comment and find someone similar to Anthony Reza. I had faced the same problem so i wanna know how can i get him destroy. I love z idea here comment so i how can i do sometg similar.
        Help me

      • myhome6730

        Everyone who commented on Reza please post how we can contact each other in private so we can get together and get this person off the street. I am wanting to start a class action against this person as well as I have the police fraud department working with me and I am in contact with W-5 News and CTV.

      • A Previous Victim

        myhome6730 how do you want to do this? This scumbag has to go to jail for good. Hundreds of people deserve retribution.

        Everyone voice out now together we can take this scumbag down.

      • reza=pissofshit

        guys we can not do anything to this faggot the law in Canada sucks he looks very sick worst a homeless person i hope he dies soon and reza remember people will visit your grave and piss on it your wife is banging other guys because you are a dirty piss of shit

      • ripped off good

        There is no point going to court because his name is not on any of the papers of the companies he owned. His unsuspecting employees are listed as such. He used to ask for drivers licence, SIN and medicare cards and photocopy them. Besides for all his ripping off I dont think he owns a damn thing for retribution.Is he still at Superior?

        • Frank

          He is at 240 Superior Blvd., Mississauga, on the second floor he has an office, no employees. He sublised a part of a warehouse where he has some inventory left from the last business he has, Restaurant depot.
          He operates now as Eulogio Arena, a 65 year old phiilipino man, retired and probably He is not aware of Antony using his name. They are roomates and live near square one.

        • A Previous Victim

          Thanks for the update Frank

          Just keep updating this thread the only way we can stop him before his sickness eventually kills him is to keep informing the public.

          Anthony Reza Soli AKA now Eulogio Arena, will eventually die, if we cant sue the bastard at least we can cause him stress by saving as many people from this scammer as we can.

          He finds his victims through kijiji and craigslist, i have taken it upon my self to post warnings on kijiji and craigslist of this scammer with all the updated information in the hopes that i can save future victims from what i had to go through. If you are reading this and have free time please do the same and keep posting on kijiji and craigslist as much as possible.

          Also here is more about this scammer for those that already have not seen the site.

          Anthony Reza Sohi is a predatory scammer all beware
          Eulogio Arena is a scammer as well!

        • ripped off good

          Wondering if anyone still knows if he is at Superior Blvd and what name his business is under now. I am writing to Corporations board to try make sure he doesnt take advantage of more people but need to know the name of his company now. Tried the numbers listed below but they are not in service any longer. Any info would be very appreciated. Also his home address if anyone knows it.

        • Ripped off!

          He is currently at 797 york street, London ON!

      • previous victim(1999)

        You guys have no idea how many times I wished he goes to hell.

        What would you guys expect from Canada’s Justice system. You kill someone, and what you get in return?

        stay few years in prison and right back on street for your next victim. Now tell me which one is worst. killing or ripping off people.

        Anyway I guess this is the best way to inform other Innocent people about this ass-hole crook

        good work guys. keep up the good work

      • kevin

        Anthony reza solho ( 647 765 8005) (519434 4082)

      • kevin

        ANTHONY SOLHI ( 647 765 8005) (519 434 4082)

      • Previous Victim (1999)

        Hi guys
        Today I went to the 240 Superior in Mississauga to see if there is any trace ot this crook. the building was closed (I got there late) but I talked to the cleaning guy. He knew the crook. He said he left that address about 3 month ago. He added he ripped off everyone there too. but there was a small good news. some guys set his Mercedes Benz on fire just before he left.

        I hope one day he gets what he deserves.
        if anyone knows about his place just post it


        797 york street, London ON

      • jamie simon


      • jamie simon

        he ows me 1000$ andhas for 5 months i worked for 3 weeks and when i didnt get payed when i said i would and asked for pay he fired me…..then i went to ministy of labour and won the case still no money??

        • B. Anthony

          It appears Anthony Reza Solhi & Lynn Murphy had a 2010/11 judgement against both of them for non payment of rent for the Public Cash & Carry (Restaurant Depot Cash & Carry) in Mississauga. They also ripped off many suppliers of food products. Hopefully the previous landlord will get the judgement paid by these two persons. Beware of his next scam!!!!

          See website below for judgement

        • Ripped off Good

          Lynn Murphy was scammed just as everyone else. He put her name down as owner of companies without her permission and left her broke, She tried to help by not getting paid so others would get paid but he just took all the money. She was just a woman that applied for a job as assistant and got taken by the biggest scam. I believe she had left long before 2010.

          He has hurt so many innocent people. One thing for sure what goes around comes around and one day he will get his payment which will be much worse then our losses either on earth or after.

      • a victim

        This is his current email

      • Letsgethim

        Spotted him at 690 Progress Ave Unit #5 Scarborough trying to unload 2 year old inventory from Public Cash & Carry & Restaurant Depot that he NEVER paid for in the 1st place

      • A previous victim

        Anthony Reza Solhi is a criminal and should rot in a cell. Anyone spotted this crook lately?

      • Chickendinnerwinner

        82 Akron road toronto. Unit 1.

      • Canadian Fraud Tips

        Anthony Reza Solhi is currently operating a company called Quality Brand Products Corporation located at 1081 Meyerside Drive, Units #10-11 in Mississauga. I suggest that everyone who is owed money start showing up in an effort to collect or even better notify the media and start petitioning in front of the building to at least run him out of business before he harms anymore innocent Canadians! With the new Liberal government in place, I sincerely hope that this man ends up behind bars or deported back to his native Iran. Not acceptable to have a man like this allowed to operate in a country like Canada!

      • Canadian Fraud Tips
      • Canadian Fraud Tips
      • Canadian Fraud Tips
      • Another

        I would like to bring him down make hime pay for what he has done (throught the court system) ….. wanna help.

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