Comic-Con ’09: Legion movie panel

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Director Scott Stewart is known for his amazing visual effects work on the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Live Free or Die Hard, and more than a dozen other films. Legion is his first major directorial effort, which he also co-wrote, and it stars Paul Bettany as the archangel Michael, who descends to earth to protect it when God decides to wipe out humanity for a second time (you know, after the Flood) by sending the rest of his angels to destroy us. Michael takes it upon himself to protect a nine-months-pregnant woman named Charlie, who is carrying “the hope of humanity” in her womb. It’s a heavy premise, but as Stewart said during the panel, his thinking behind the whole thing was “angels with guns,” and that’s the kind of movie he’s created.

Also starring in the film alongside Bettany are Dennis Quaid (who was not at Comic-Con), Doug Jones (the Silver Surfer, Abe Sapien in the Hellboy films), Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palicki as the expecting mother, and Kevin Durand (who also was not here).

The film follows Michael as he tracks down the pregnant woman Charlie, and defends her from the descending legions of Heaven, including Michael’s friend and rival, the archangel Gabriel (Durand). Most of the film is set in a tiny desert diner, where the characters played by Quaid and Gibson join with Michael to protect Charlie. Based on the footage we saw, it’s going to be an extremely intense thrill ride, with lots of eye-popping visuals and new kinds of stunts and action that you’ve never seen before.

Bettany and Stewart also revealed that they are already collaborating again on another film with religious overtones, which is the next project for both of them, called Priest. No details are available about the plot just yet.

Legion arrives January 2010. Below are some pictures from the panel.

Adrianne Palicki

Scott Stewart

Tyrese Gibson

Paul Bettany

Doug Jones

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9 film stills: Copyright 2009 ©Focus Features.

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