Mobile vs. Portable – Does Size Matter to Everyone: Part I

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Let me just jump right out and say it. When it comes to most computer related technology devices, size doesn’t really matter to me. I think smaller is cool and impressive with just how much they can fit into a small package, but I don’t have to continually change devices to keep getting smaller.


One of the things that I’m regularly experiencing is that I get teased about the size of my phone. I have been using a PPC-6700 with Sprint for the last three years or so now. I have credit to get a new phone and have no real desire to change devices.

My wife has a Palm Centro and she’s the one that regularly teases me about my phone. I decided to find out what’s the real difference between phones. Below is a comparison of a couple of phones that I found on the PhoneScoop website and reviewed on EveryJoe.

Model PPC-6700 Treo 700W Palm Centro iPhone 3GS
Weight 6.07/172 oz/g 6.0/170 oz/g 4.2/119 oz/g 4.76/135 oz/g
Length 4.25″ 4.4″ 4.22″ 4.55″
Width 2.32″ 2.3″ 2.11″ 2.44″
Thickness 0.93″ 0.9″ 0.73″ 0.48″

The challenge I get is that my phone “looks” larger than it is because it’s a square block. Unlike the other devices above which have tapered edges that make them appear smaller. The trade-off in my mind is that I have a huge screen and full-slide-out keyboard. The only real difference in size of all these phones is the weight, and the difference is about 2 oz. Sorry folks, but that’s not going to strain my back.

I’ll take the two ounces in exchange for the features I have that my wife doesn’t and the size of screen I have to use with the full keyboard. The size doesn’t really matter to me.

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