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    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Marina Chello, a new artist from Crazy Joint/Bad Boy Records.  After just a few moments, I could understand how she got signed – her determination, along with her talent, is incredible.  I really like her single “Sideline” (download on iTunes and Amazon and make sure you check out the hot remixes!) from her upcoming album What’s Done is Done so I was interested in learning more about her.  Check out the interview!

    marina chello

    Every Joe: How did you get discovered and signed by Crazy Joint/Bad Boy Records?

    Marina Chello: I created a MySpace profile and posted a few pictures and music.  I reached out to a few people in the industry and was contacted by Harve Pierre who liked what he heard.

    EJ: Tell me what it was like once you realized that your dreams were about to come true?

    MC: I thought “somebody’s playing a joke on me” but I called as soon as I got his email and it was true.  That first meeting was really nerve wracking but I played all of my songs for him and I was signed.

    EJ: I’ve heard your songs “Sideline” and “What’s Done is Done” and they’re really good – what can we expect from your upcoming album?

    MC: It’s a concept album and it’s relationship-heavy.  It’s heartfelt and about love and what you go through when you’re in love with somebody and when you’re heartbroken – it’s an emotional roller coaster.

    EJ: I read that you moved to New York City from Uzbekistan when you were 11 years old.  What was that like for you?

    MC: It was really hectic and hard.  We up and left our home because my parents thought we would have a better life.  I didn’t have any friends and I couldn’t speak English.  Music definitely helped me because I was able to use it to learn the language and to connect with friends.

    EJ: Listening to you speak, I would never have guessed that you only learned English a few years ago.  That’s amazing!

    MC: It took many years but I’m strong-minded like my father.  It wasn’t easy.  My dad was a singer himself in a local band and he has an amazing voice.  I’m lucky, I’ve got full support from my family.

    EJ: What were your musical influences growing up?

    MC: I listened to a lot of Russian music, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, the Eagles, Lara Fabian, Tina Arena and I learned a lot of English from Mariah Carey’s lyric sheets!  I was fortunate to have access to so many types of music.  I sing in Italian, French and Russian – I may not speak all of those languages but I can sing in them!

    EJ: I’ve read that you would have gone into law if you hadn’t gotten into singing.

    MC: Yeah, I was really looking at going to John Jay for pre-law but I was signed to my first deal right out of high school.  It didn’t work out but now I’m on the same page with the people I work with and it’s great.  I love it!

    EJ: I see that you’ve got profiles on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.  Do you like being able to connect with your fans that way?

    MC: Definitely!  I’m not as big on Twitter but I do go on Facebook and MySpace.  I also get a lot of emails and I try to reply to all of them.  A lot of fans have written to tell me that my song “Sideline” is basically telling the story of their life so it’s great to connect with them.

    EJ: Tell me about your most crazy or memorable moment.

    MC: I competed in the New Wave competition which is like a World Idol sort of thing (note – I looked it up and it’s an international competition for new stars which takes place over six days in Latvia).  The first day of performing, my parents were in the audience crying.  It was beautiful.

    If you’d like to keep up with Marina, you can connect with her in the following ways:

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