Grand Chase: Enter Ryan the Vanquisher

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Who the hell is Ryan and what the heck is a Vanquisher? If you’re asking these questions, you’re most probably not a player of the hit online action brawler Grand Chase, operated in North America by Ntreev USA.

To answer your questions, Ryan is the name of a character in Grand Chase and the Vanquisher is his fourth job. Here’s a short background on Ryan:

A long time ago, a Druid hero named Dan possessed destructive magic and sword skills which were heads above the rest. Although he had protected the Druids, who considered co-existing with nature to be very important, from evil and those who would destroy them, Dan sensed that the Druids’ downfall was approaching and sought to find a warrior who would receive his strength.

Many strong Sentinels and Vikens accepted his test in order to receive his strength, but few survived and returned, and those who did manage to survive were now too weak in mind and body to handle Dan’s strength. Dan then declared Ryan, who rescued Bermesiah Continent during its time of crisis, his successor, and bestowed upon him the Storm Blades and the ability to transform himself at will. Sybil, the Druids’ prophetess, declared Ryan the “Vanquisher,” the one who rescued the continent from evil’s darkness and succeeded Dan.

Grand Chase Ryan the Vanquisher

Okay. Enough with the history lesson. Now we move on to Ryan’s new abilities as a Vanquisher.

Ryan’s power as a Vanquisher seems to be tied to the Storm Blades, a spear that can be split in two and put back together. Depending on the situation (read: fight), Ryan can wield a blade in each hand and engage in rapid and successive attacks or a double-sided spear to attack a larger number of enemies.

Those familiar with Ryan and his previous jobs—Druid, Sentinel and Viken—know the limitations of the character (ie. skill use, weapon being wielded), particularly when he enters a transformed state. The Vanquisher, Ryan’s fourth job, does not have these limitations. If Ryan transforms into Magnus Dan, he has at his disposal power attack magic, weapon-wielding abilities, and all three skills—Turning Breaker, Blinding Cross and Lord of Valhalla.

More on Ryan and his role as a Vanquisher straight from Ntreev USA:

Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, has announced that players can now take on the powerful role of Vanquisher for its character, Ryan, in the online action-adventure MMO brawler, Grand Chase. This is the 4th job for Ryan and is already available to players.

“Ryan’s 4th job as Vanquisher is an exciting new addition for our Grand Chase players,” said Chris Lee, chief executive officer at Ntreev USA. “Ryan has the ability to transform himself at will, ad his character will prove to be dynamic, with unique fighting weapon abilities.”

Game Points and Cash Mission Scrolls will be available for the job change in order for Ryan to become a Vanquisher. Players must have Ryan at least at level 30 and at his third job in order to complete the job change missions.

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  • maryjoynogales

    it’s a none-sense guide.. not worth reading it.. it’s just an overview to avenger, not a in-depth guide noobies..

    • Joel Tan

      Who’s the bigger noob, the one who assumed an article titled “Grand Chase: Enter Ryan the Vanquisher” is an in-depth guide or the one who wrote an overview for a new character in an amazing game?

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