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Each Friday I post the articles sent from around the social media blogosphere which will help you with social networking and social media in general.

Managed Services presents How to Handle Negative Publicity Gracefully posted at Managed Services Blog.

Gabe Swinney presents Improving Search Engine Rankings: Data and Decisionmaking posted at How Has the Recession Affected Search Marketing?, saying, “An incredibly important aspect of being able to make a determination as to what areas in your search engine optimization campaign could benefit the most from is harnessing and understanding data collected from various sources that relates to your website: traffic flow, back link status, and keyword ranking status being three primary cyclical reporting methods that can be analyzed and put to good use to boost organic search engine rankings.”

vjack presents Five Twitter Tools You Should Try posted at Atheist Revolution.

Matthew Tommasi presents CoTweet Guide Twitter Business | Using social media to guide and help you connect to social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube using social media posted at The Social Media Guide, saying, “CoTweet (now in public beta) is a powerful Twitter client that takes Twitter management to a whole new level.”

Andre Nilsen presents Take Control Of Your Focus posted at QualityNetworkers.

Ben Dinsmore presents My Experience with Facebook’s Advertising Program posted at Trees Full of Money, saying, “Advertising on social media sites can be an excellent way to promote your company’s products or services.”

Ace presents Internet Marketing For Beginners: Social Site Marketing posted at Internet Marketing Ace.

Robert Alan presents Maximize Twitter for Your Small Business posted at Bill Hazelton, saying, “Here are some quick tips and advice from Sell It! on the Web on how to utilize and get the most out of Twitter for your small business.”

Robert Alan presents Ultimate Twitter Starter Guide for Small Business posted at Bill Hazelton, saying, “Here’s a great “starter” guide for all those small business owners wondering how to get started using Twitter for their small business.”

Tim presents Reciprocal Linking – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly posted at Search Engine Optimisation.

Tim presents Evaluate Your Site Using 6 Easy Steps posted at Search Engine Optimisation.

Dan presents Pushing content into social networks posted at Dan’s Adventure.

Robert Bravery presents Blogging from the Brave Programmer – A new Twitter search engine launched by former Microsoft veteran. posted at The Brave Programmer, saying, “A new twitter search engine is on the market. Created by former Microsoft search head Ken Moss, CrowdEye gives several views of a topic based on the conversations taking place on Twitter, as well as an historical view on that particular topic.”

Debbie Foster presents The Role of Inbound Links in SEO posted at Internet Income – The Journey.

Joe E presents 15 Tools to Help Manage Your Social Networking Profiles More Efficiently posted at Huddle Up –’s Official Collaboration Blog, saying, “Managing your seemingly endless number of social network profiles can be a bit daunting, but these tools will help you better manage them more efficiently.”

Traci Hayner Vanover presents Why a FaceBook Fan Page May be a Life Vest to Your Small Business | Entrepreneur & Self-Employed Business Journal posted at Entrepreneur & Self-Employed Business Journal.

Tim presents Understanding Domain Level Metrics – Domain Rank posted at Search Engine Optimisation.

Jason Small presents Social Media Management Tool posted at Great Young Minds Web Design, Development, Social Media Blog, saying, “This blog helps give tips and tricks to those looking to manage social media more efficiently.”

Christian Russell presents How to Use Twitter Professionally posted at Next Level Blogger.

Phil Jansen presents Twitter-tips-to-accumulate-a-massive-following-and-tons-of-web-traffic posted at Twitter Promotions.

Debbie Foster presents How to Write Traffic Driving Blog Articles posted at Internet Income – The Journey.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of social networking tips and tricks using our
carnival submission form.

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