Franchise Warning: Solera Distributors

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    train500Before you fall in love with that exciting new franchise concept, it pays to familiarize yourself with franchise regulations and see whether your new squeeze is cheating on you.

    For instance, the FTC prohibits promises of success or profits in franchise marketing materials.  However, the Solera Distributors franchise website is filled with illegal earnings claims promising franchisee success & profitability.  Solera Distributors claims:

    …Franchisees should be able to support their basic living requirements for 4-6 months while building the foundation of their business.  Franchisees will work in a defined territory.  The potential of each territory will allow the franchisee the opportunity to obtain at least 40 to 50 accounts out of approximately 100 to 120 identified in the territory…

    Area Developers have investment options that range in accordance with the potential of the territory, with capital outlay ranging from $200,000.00 to $400,000.00.  We anticipate Area Developers will return investment within the first twelve to fourteen months of operation…

    Franchisees will generate their profit from the mark up of wine products to the retailer.  Area Developers will generate their profit from the mark up of wine products to the franchisee and receive half of the initial and ongoing fees of their 40 – 60 Franchisees.  Because of the low costs to Solera, both the franchisee and the retailer will enjoy significant profits while maintaining a low price list at the retail level.

    Could it be that the Solera Distributors are inexperienced franchisors making a rookie (but deadly) franchise marketing blunder?

    Ben Franklin said “Plough deep while sluggards sleep.”  Plough into Solera Distributors and hear the alarm bells unhappybutt100really go off.  Check out who is behind the Solera Distributors franchise opportunity:  CORK & OLIVE Team Launches Solera Wine Franchise. Beware!

    Then take a gander at the recent franchise track records of Michael Probst and Deborah Augenti: Cork & Olive’s Probst Abandons Franchisees June 5, 2008

    Cork & Olive Franchise: $2.5 Million in Debt? June 16th, 2008

    Cork & Olive Wine Franchise Co. Files for Bankruptcy June 10th, 2008

    What REALLY Uncorked Cork & Olive? June 6, 2008

    Cork & Olive Franchise Corp. Collapse: What’s the REAL Story? June 6th, 2008

    And that, boys and girls, is why you want to do your homework before entering into a franchise relationship with an exciting new franchise.  And, for God’s sake, no smoochin’ on the tracks.

    Have a great weekend.


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      • wanda

        So they are at it again. OMG, beware of the “Super German” and his side kick, “Plasto Woman Augenti”.

      • wanda

        Enterprise Development Inc. How word-y Probst is when he is trying to take your hard earned money from you. Read his info on how he will help you become your own boss and make money…. Please, he needs to move to another state if he wants to be a decent con man. Didn’t he get the memo? Con in one state then move on the next state and pull a simular con. What is the “Super German” a mear amateur?

      • Sean Kelly

        No, Florida is the land of the scammer and the home of the serial killer.
        I’ve been told there’s little-to-no enforcement. Judging by the egregious and blatant scams of Cuppy’s Coffee over the past three years and NO action from the state whatsoever, it seems they have a point.
        It’s really sad that no one steps up to protect the citizens or to even stop these guys from setting up again!

      • wanda

        I tried, unsuccessfully to let the state of Florida know about Probst and what was going on and they wouldn’t listen. It is a shame that there are so many laws that are designed to protect people from predators like Probst but not enough time, money are willing enforcers to stop them.

        Thank you for doing a great job of informing consumers. Wish more people would do research before they put money into a “dream”.

        I will be keeping an eye on “Super German” until he is sent to his homeland. This is unless he was kicked out of his country.

      • Mike

        I just met with mike and linda, they seem so nice and confident. I’m looking to put in $250k for a large area in florida. I hope you are all wrong but I feel that where there is smoke there is fire?

        My biggest question to him that he could not answer is “where is the wine?” The line “I can get it” repeatedly came out of his mouth… along with “not a problem” and “trust me”.

        I will continue to reseach Solara Wine Distributors. Not dead yet. I value your comments. Just to let you all know. Mike claims he does not read or beleive these blogs? Please comment.

      • Sean Kelly

        I feel that where there is smoke there is fire?

        I’d agree with that. Go to and you’ll find plenty of smoke. Franchisees claim he took $60K franchise fees from 15 or so and then abandoned them without providing contracted services. It was one store’s first week in business. There are hundreds of comments from former associates.


      • Wanda

        Oh Mr. Mike please think…. I am sure you want a viable business and I am sure he makes it sound wonderful, but “be assured” he will take your money and you will not be making any. Read all the blogs and sift through the bad blood, and all the stupid comments made. He made Cork and Olive look great, sound great, and many people invested their money hoping for their dream. He is a nightmare. The only business he is doing is a con. DON’T trust him!
        I just learned over the weekend that a former franchisee committed suicide. A result of purchasing a franchise from Probst and then getting no support and then of course the company going bankrupt. The poor man in Winter Garden lost everything including his life. Run away!

      • Mike

        Does anyone know the progress of this company? I did not buy in and I have had no contact for 3 weeks. I was told the wine would start to arrive mid November… Does the wine exist? Though I walked away, it would be nice to know it was the right decision.

        Mike (Open Eyes)!

      • Juliana

        Dear Mike (prospective buyer) PLEASE PLEASE I’M begging you to listen to Wanda. She knows what she is talking about. and besides I used to work there and can first hand tell you what a crook he is. Matter of fact, go into any existing store and they will tell you what a crook he and augenti both are. He will promise you the world and say over a over, trust me, it’ll be here in 10 days or two weeks which comes first. HA He was notorious for that remark. Except for when it was payday oh yeah he did not pay his employees their final check nor did he pay payroll taxes or state taxes. If you decide to forge ahead, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Besides, after reading the new “company website” they have no employee to train you. They dont even know how to use a computer! Final word – we warned you and we are 100% telling the truth. Check out hillsborough county courts as well under the name probst, cork and olive and estate wine group you will see all the BS. RUN AWAY NOW!

      • Juliana

        OH AND if you do go ahead with this horrible venture – be sure to read the fine print and have an attorney look at it all the attornies in the tampa area should be aware of him. he is notorious for calling you several times a day until he gets your money and then you wont hear from him ever again. He needs his mortgage paid and his bills paid along with his $400 nightly dinners! go to the hilton by the causeway next to the airport they know him by the first name. beware of the wine. he might have stashed hundreds of bottles of the crap wine that he buys for $3 per and sells to the public for over $20. Yes, this is true.

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