Importing an RSS Feed to Your Facebook Page

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I’m not sure who’s idea it was to make importing an RSS feed into your Facebook page such a challenge, but it shouldn’t be this painful. You’d think it would be possible to go to your page, check-out your settings and add your RSS feed URL to a field and save it. Not so quick.


If you look at my example page above. I’ve clicked on the “Notes” section like I was going to read or add a new note. The problem is there’s nothing available to let me know I can add an RSS feed from another blog or website.

Next I’m going to click on the title of my first note, which is “Find Out What Makes Indianapolis… Positively Indy”. Once I do that you’ll see the image below.


Now you’ll notice a new link displayed that I’ve highlighted. Just click on that link now and you’ll see a new screen with a new option over to the right-hand side of the margins as shown below.


Since I’ve already got a RSS feed setup for this page, my box (Shown at #1) is allowing me to edit the RSS feed settings. If I didn’t have one added, it would prompt me with information about adding a blog feed into my page.

Once you get this item setup, you can easily import all your new posts from your website and blog. Comes in very handy for making sure there’s fresh content on your business/fan page. You’d think that would be a good reason for the folks behind Facebook to make this a little more obvious.

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  • John R

    Thanks for writing about this maddening Facebook freature. I do wonder about all the research that supposedly goes into these gui’s.

  • Robert W. Leonard

    Oy, you made me a very happy man today. I’m so happy I found this!

  • Jason Bean

    You’re welcome! Glad I could help.

  • FYI

    fyi there are two great apps that makes posts to your wall. Search Applications for Social RSS or Graffiti you’ll find it. Much better experience for interactivity.

  • John Walker

    This article was exactly what I was looking for as Facebook does not make this process very user friendly. Thanks!

  • juzhax

    The solution above has been outdated.

    I’m using this to solve my RSS

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