WB Launches the Supernatural Prop Sweepstakes

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bagIn time for the Season Four DVD and the premiere of Season 5, Warner Bros. has launched the Supernatural Prop Sweepstakes where you can win a Hex Bag from the show, a trip to Hollywood or one of a bunch of other great prizes.

The Grand Prize winner will get:

- Authentic Hex Bag Prop from Supernatural

- Sony Playstation®3 with built-in Blu-ray™ Player

- Blu-ray Discs of Supernatural Seasons 3 & 4*

- 4 VIP Tickets for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

The hex bag prop was designed by the Supernatural Prop Master and is one of the three created for the Season 5 premiere, Sympathy for the Devil, which airs on September 10th. Winchester brothers’ epic journey continues as Sam (Jared Padelecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) carry on their life’s mission to protect mankind from dark spirits and to guard their own immortal souls.

Last season, Sam and Dean used hex bags to hide from witches, demons, evil spirits and even angels. To learn more about the power of hex bags, get Supernatural: The Complete Fourth Season, available for purchase on Blu-ray™ and DVD on September 1st.

To enter the Supernatural Sweepstakes, you must join the WB Insiders Rewards program. Members earn credits by watching clips and playing online games and then spend those rewards on free digital downloads like MP3s, mobile wallpapers, video clips and more. Members also can get exclusive sneak peeks, discounts on select merchandise at www.wbshop.com, free movie tickets, and the latest news about their favorite WB shows.

Additional prizes for winners of the WB Insider Rewards Supernatural Prop Sweepstakes are:

First Prize Winner (1)

- $500 shopping spree at www.wbshop.com.

Second Prize Winner (1)

- Supernatural Seasons 3 & 4 on Blu-ray*

Third Prize Winners (5)

- Prize package that includes the Supernatural Pendant, Harvelle’s Roadhouse T-Shirt, Taillights Mug, Sam & Dean Travel Mug, MiniBusts of the Scarecrow, Dean Winchester Wendigo, and Devil’s Trap John Winchester

Fourth Prize Winner (1)

- 4 V.I.P Tickets for the WB Studio Tour

Fifth Prize Winners (10)

- $20.00 coupons for merchandise on www.wbshop.com.

So lots of cool stuff and hey, it’s just great to see Warner Brothers promoting the show. So click here, sign up and good luck!

Prop photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

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  • Danielle

    Unfortunately, when you click on that WB link, it says the page is no longer available. :(

  • kristy

    the link that u have dont work it says This web site is currently not available.
    Please check us out at these other
    Warner Bros. web sites:’(

  • Cynthia

    Sorry, it’s fixed, but my understanding is that it’s for US only so if you’re out of the US it may not work.

  • Elaine

    i am beginning to feel like a second class citizen of this fandom just b/c of where i live!
    evidence :
    1) bonus Comic Con video at TARGET stores …none of those, damn it!
    2) US Only WB reward program
    3) US only clips

    enough already! i actually didnt buy the DVD/S4 set today … already seen the blooper reel on YouTube and i have all the episodes recorded. dont get me wrong eventually i will but it was my little stand …pointless but it made me feel a little bit better :(

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