More hard disk space, really 4TB

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    Not long ago I had a 80 GB hard disk drive and I was thinking I would not be able to use all of them. Just a few months of usage and I was running into no more disk space problems. I quickly bought a 160 GB hard drive and the same thing happened. The 160 GB hard drive became 320 GB, and within the year I bought another 500 GB hard drive. The same insufficient hard drive problem is back.


    Over the weekend I was looking over some brochures of an external hard drive in the range of 1 TB but I feel this is not enough and before the year ends I might find myself wanting for more space.

    Here comes Xtreamer which just announced on Thursday that their new NAS unit – eTRAYz 2-bay supports up to 4 TB. The original price of this beast is 99 EUR ($ 141 dollars) plus shipping but if you already own the XTreamer Media Player, you can get this machine for a discounted price of 59 EU ($ 84 dollars).

    The said prices doesn’t include hard drives, this is just the bay that could house 2 hard disk drives with a maximum of 2 TB each. The eTrayz NAS supports both Windows 7 and Max OS X Snow Leopard, a RAID 0/1, has 802.11n, camera to monitor your bay remotely and has torrent management.

    I have a lot of interest on this bay and I would be thinking of getting this machine or probably look into the current Buffalo offerings that I am a fan of.

    The pre-ordering of the Xtreamer starts on November 1, 2009. Go ahead and pre-order yours one now.

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