Fringe Tweet-Peat: Fab or Fail?

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Fri, Sep 4 - 4:49 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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S2_vertbillboardIt’s the morning after and things aren’t looking so good for the Fringe Tweet-Peat experiment. The idea was sound — basically live blogging by two cast members and two producers which shows up on screen pop-up video style. Fun!

In reality, not so much thanks to three big issues. First of all, Twitter, unlike chat rooms, are designed to show only the side of the conversation that comes from people you’re following. As a result, people following along on TV or on the FringeonFox Twitter page saw answers but no questions.

At one point Joshua Jackson tweeted about something being an adlib. Wonderful bit of trivia, but what was an adlib? Obviously, someone asked about a specific incident and he responded.

In order to combat this problem, I tried following the hashtag and wow, that was a nightmare. Hundreds and hundreds of Tweets per minute were rolling in at the height, mostly people complaining or just offering useless cheers of support. The chances of finding a question and a matching answer were slim and none.

The second issue was the time zone. As far as I could tell, the West coast airing of the show simply ran the same Twitter feed as the East coast so no one who came in on PST got their questions answered. Please do correct me if I’m wrong on this. I followed part of the EST feed online then watched the TV feed in PST and they looked the same to me.

Finally, you have the issue of stuff on screen messing with the enjoyment of the show. Personally, this didn’t bother me because it was a rerun but many people tuned in not knowing with hopes of catching up on the finale before the new season begins.

If you’re not brave enough to wade through the muck to find the gems yourself, Buddy TV has put together some highlights.

So what’s the verdict? Was the Fringe Tweet-Peat party fab or an epic fail?

Photo: Fox

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  • Jeff-TVQC

    in fact, we should give them a chance. that was a kinda innovative way to watch TV . Only for that FOX and fringe staff got all mys respect!

  • Amanda K

    Thought the idea was great, but it was preempted by football where I live so never got the chance to watch it.

  • Danny

    Since fringe is going to do this myself and my friends switched to cannnel 2 and watched CSi instead after 5 minutes. We taked to day about it and You have lost all 15 of us as viewers. We eil be talking to our friends also about how bad the program is with the usless tweet garabge on the screen.
    I was annoyed at the intrusion of the Twitter-based babble taking up precious on-screen real-estate.
    Tweet on the TV is like having a bunch of people talking in a movie theater while you are trying to watch the show.

  • Jeff

    As soon as this crap popped up on my screen, I turned the show off. I don’t see how or why anybody would want this junk cluttering up their TV. People who haven’t seen the episode before just want to watch the episode. People who have seen it before are obviously watching again because they liked it. I don’t see how posting a bunch of useless twits at the bottom of the screen helps either group. I won’t be watching any more of these “tweetpeats”. It’s not just a problem of execution, it’s a ridiculous and annoying concept from the beginning.

  • Fred

    Like Jeff and Danny… my wife and I turned it off after it was obvious they weren’t going to stop. If Fox doesn’t want me to watch, all they have to do is keep showing tweets.

  • Doug M

    If anyone was looking for a way to completely trash an excellent TV show, they found it. I watched for all of 5 minutes before getting pissed off and switching chanels. It was impossible to following teh running tweets and watch teh show at the same time. it was like being English speaking and watching a program in Russion with Italian sub-titles. Come-on, not all of us are twitter freaks and i sure as hell don’t want it rammed down my throat while i am trying to watch a re-run of my favorite Sci-fi show. If they contiune to do this on even more shows, I’ll be a long gone viewer.

  • http://none John

    I was totally disgusted with 1/2 of my screen filled up with crap that should be confided to the internet that blocked the show. Fringe was always my favorite show last year. After 15 minutes of trying to watch it, clicked out of it. Tweeter Twatters belong on the Internet and not in the middle of my TV during a show that I have enjoyed for so long. I have opted to not watch it this season.

  • Nancy

    I hated it. It took up too much of the screen, and was totally distracting. I spent the first 20 minutes thinking it was a a weather alert (because I didn’t want to focus on the words but on the show) and then, I wondered how I had accidentally turned close-captioning on. When I figured out what it was and realized it wasn’t going away / I couldnt turn it off, I was livid! I love the Fringe show but would quit watching it if they continue to Tweet through it. I look forward to the reruns, because I pick up things I missed the first time. IF you want to play with Tweet on some show, do it on something like 90210, not Fringe.

  • Terri

    ICAM with all the posters above. It was the topic of conversation at lunch today and everyone agreed it felt like we were being force-fed spam on our tv’s! Come on, if I’d wanted to join in the convo, I would have got online and tweeted with everyone else. I sure don’t want it on my television though. Fox and JP f***ed up big time.

  • Jerry

    I promise, I will not watch any programming that uses this worthless, distracting, irritating technology.

  • Canadian

    Too annoying. I was one of those people who tuned in for the first time to watch Glee and was thoroughly annoyed at the garbage at the bottom 1/3 of the screen. I tuned in to watch the show, NOT to watch the actors/producers chat about it – I couldn’t care less what they have to say. If Fox wants to keep doing this, leave it online, keep it off of the television.

  • Drew from Dover

    Dear FOX: There’s a technology called closed captioning where people who want to see the tweets can while the rest of us get a clutter free screen. P.S.: If you say CC is for the dialog here’s a hint: There are (and always have been) four (4) CC streams available. Leno has been using two; one for English and one for Spanish. That gives you two more for the tweets. Just IMHO and for your consideration next time. :-P

  • Jackie

    For cring out loud would you take this CRAP off the sceen so that those of us, whom I’m guessing are in the majority, can just watch and enjoy the program. We have no need to see your blithering thoughts on screed. Can’t we be allowed to enjoy the program as it was meant to be seen. If you need your 15 seconds of FAME…don’t force the rest of us to suffer through it. We don’t CARE what you think or have to say, which is mostly mindless babble anyway. Take it someplace else where egotistical morons, such as yourselves can rant and mumble in private. Pleae, leave the rest of us in peace…get OUT of our living rooms. You were NOT invited in ane are NOT wanted. GET OUT! GO AWAY!

    Can you understand the concept that we DON’T care about you or you assinine ramblings?

  • Lynn

    Hated it! Please, please never do that again.

  • Jackie

    Well, I’m the one that thought, and still do, that you were blithering morons seeking attention. And it seems I was correct…the MAJORITY of those trying to watch the show hated having you force your way into our living rooms and our TV’s without our permission.

    I do hope you’ve learned a lesson here. It’s fine to have an oppionion. It’s fine to have a conversaion. But keep it to yourselves. I pay for cable, I don’t pay for your bull. If you insist on continuing this moronic babble, either pay me for the emotional stress it causes me or I’ll simply stop watching anything connected with Fox. Like so many others seem to have already decided to do.


    Jackie Thurman
    Owensboro, KY 42303