CSI: Miami – Will Adam Rodriguez Leave?

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Well, here’s bad news for the fans of Adam Rodriguez. It looks like he will be leaving CSI: Miami this season. I hate that news!

But it’s no longer much of a surprise to us. We’ve seen it talked about all over the web all summer long. Finally, someone has confirmed the bad news:

Question: Is Adam Rodriguez leaving CSI: Miami? Please say it ain’t so! —Cynthia

Ausiello: It’s so. He’s only committed to doing seven episodes this season, after which he’ll make a beeline for Ugly Betty to play a love interest for Ana Ortiz. [Source: EW]

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  • AdamRodriguezFan400

    OMG!!!! I’m now severly pissed off. He’s the only reason I continued watching the show after Speedle died!! Well, him and Ryan, but that’s besides the point! The point is, i’m forcing myself to watching until I’m assured he’s gone and then I’m being glued to the couch by a friend because I’m making her watch CSI:NY!!

  • SmokeFreeZone

    Not to worry, AdamRodriguesFan400!! Adam’s traveling to NY to “Ugly Betty”!!
    Just change your channel..and start watching!! :-D

    BTW, just in case you haven’t heard; Adam’s dating his co-star Miss Taraji Henson (Tyler Perry’s latest #1 comedy hit: “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”)
    It seems that that “unscripted kiss”… had some POWER-OF-ATTRACTION behind it??? But alas, it’s NOT the “Lauren/Humphery” or “Joanne Woodward/Paul Newman” type romance-marriage situation. Thinking it won’t last that long…
    give it until December ’09. If the “cute couple” as some have said of this romantic entanglement lasts until December 2010, then it could be SERIOUS!!! :-)


  • mj

    I hate that he is leaving the show and now it has finally gotten GREAT!!! Delko’s character along with Caleigh is the only reason I like the show, however if they would bring a love interest for David Cauruso’s character that would be great. I like Horatio and he needs to have a love interest that will spark the series worth watching. I do not like that Delko’s character is leaving but please do whatever CBS to keep him because many fans like finally that he and Caleigh have gotten together and it is now the number 1 show of the season if not then TNT will get the ratings, NO ONE CAN REPLACE DELKO’S character in this series. I make sure I watch every Monday night and now this has made me VERY sad, I guess unless you get a love interest for Horatio it will not last CBS because that is what this show worth watching. I am a viewer over 40+ and I know what people of my age enjoy a good storyline but also some excitement along the way.


  • http://mmj61866@yahoo.com mae

    This will be a sad day for CSI fans now that we finally gotten our two favorite actor and actress together now it has to end. The chemistry between Caleigh & Eric is what makes that show amazing, also Alexx needs to come back and bring it back with her vibrant antics to the dead. Please get Horatio a sexy, beautiful love interest since the Caleigh and Eric scene is now going away. This is what loyal fans want to see. When Horatio lost his love Marisol is was sad and I for one would like to see that happen again. So CBS get your writers together because loyal fans are waiting for it. I think Vanessa Marcil would be good for Horatio new love interest on the show.

    Just think about CBS because your fans that watch this show week after week are!!!

  • http://mmj61866@yahoo.com mj

    This is sad, I have just read the news about Delko’s character leaving. After all this time the fans finally get a chance to see Caleigh & Eric get together only to have it torn apart again. That is not fair and I hope that CBS would look at what the fans want and also to help keep their Nielsen rating up, BRING BACK DELKO’S character before it is too late!!! We the loyal fans want to see Caleigh & Eric together. Think about that CBS because your fans certainly are!

  • wanda martinez

    I would be extremely sad not to see Eric Delko every Monday night. He is my favorite character of the show. Why??????????????????????????? Please bring his character back at least for a couple of seasons.

  • maggie

    yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what took cbs so long? i HATE him. he’s an arrogant, untalented, not good looking jerk who “talks” as if he has marbles in his mouth.

    i love calleigh, however, pls get her to speak up, a little clearer and slower.

  • Karla anderson

    OH, how I wish CBS can keep Eric DELKO’S CHARACTER ON THE SHOW. hE WAS THE ONLY REASON I started to watch it. He worked so well with Horatio. It was bad
    enough you let Speedle die. Now Adam is leaving to. I like good story lines
    what else can go wrong. If Adam does leave the series. I wish him well
    because he made Monday nights worth the wait. This cute brown guy can melt
    the hearts with his cute smile. Where ever he goes my viewership will
    follow. Does anyone have any idea where he is going to show up.
    karla says, If he does leave I WISH HIM WELL,here I am going through
    another box of kleenex.

  • http://csifanatic.com Tina

    I am really sad he is leaving! I love him on CSI Miami. I was really waiting for him and Cailie to say I do. I still love CSI Miami it’s the Best! Good Luck! Delko

  • Theresa

    I love the show as it was last season. I don’t like changes being made to my show. Caine, Calleigh, Delko, Natalia, Speed, Wolfe, these people should never change, they make the show. Think about what the viewers want, and how many you may loose due to changing too many people. People will only take so much before they get really pissed and start boy cotting your channel. Also I can’t forget about Alex, I love her she’s a trip. LEAVE MY PEOPLE ALONE, STOP KILLING THEM OFF OR CHASING THEM OFF.

  • Michelle

    I am so sad to see him go. He is the main reason I watch that show. :-( Adam, we will miss you. I guess I’m going to have watch Ugly Betty now.

  • Serena hope rodriguez


  • Jordan Schindel


  • Leigh Carado

    Rodriquez was the only reason I starting watching CSI- Miami. I am a true fan of the real “CSI” but when my original starts faded so did I. I guess a good think will only last for a brief moment on today’s world of TV.

    CBS – you have just lost another viewer. Dumb, Dumb, decision!

  • http://yahoo Joyce

    I love the show. I am sorry Adam R. is leaving. He and Callie had great chemistry together. Does CBS consider their ratings dropping when a character like Delko is written off?

  • Anna

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS…. okay now csi miami is going to SUCK. great. one of my favorite shows… imean come on!!! now all of “horatio’s” “family” will be gone! I really can’t believe it… it makes me depressed.
    :’( :’( :’(

  • Anna

    …. oh and ugly betty?? REALLY???? wow. imean its eric and calleigh… they’re MEANT TO BE. SCREW UGLY BETTY.

  • Tarsha

    OMG my Adam is leaving, I so don’t agree with this decision. First Vegas loses Warrick and Grissom, now this. Looks like Ugly Betty has a new watcher. I’m so upset right now, I knew this was coming when they brought that darn Jesse on. He’s no Delko. I wish Adam well.

  • luisa

    It has very badly this news I do not want that eric goes out of the series and much less now that it has a relation with calleigh is for what for a lot of time I was waiting I do not want that it goes out it is my only reason of seeing the series, if I continue seeing her sera for calleigh and horatio but do not believe it!!

    I do not want that it is fenced please do not leave it to go! I beg them boys!!

  • Lisa

    I can’t believe this news. It makes me so sad. Like others have said, we waited long enough for Delko and Callie to get together, now to be torn apart. Do we know if this is his decision or the shows? I’ve never been able to stomach Ugly Betty and am sorry to say not even Adam will take me there. Seems like all the CSI’s are going down, well I have never like CSI New York it never had the attraction as the others. Once Warrick left the original CSI I left there, now this. At least with Miami there is still some chemisty betweem some of the characters. Bringing back Cibirrian won’t do it for me, he can’t replace what we’ve lost in Adam.

    Again, was this his decision to leave or the show’s?

    Lisa, crying as I write this

  • Risa

    Good riddance. the most arrogant and over-rated actor I ever saw.

  • http://CSIFanatic ruth

    I will no longer be watching CSI Miami. Losing Speed was bad enough. I find no reason to watch a show that loses the best of its actors. And, to lose him to one of the worst shows on TV. Who wrote some mess like Ugly Betty I ask you????

  • Olivia

    ADAM NOOOO!!!!!!!! Hes the only reason i watch Csi Miami! I almost cried last night when i found out…..UGH! Well Ugly Betty definantly has a new viewer!!!!! I LUV U SOOOO MUCH ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com jd

    that sux that hes leaving he was my 2nd favorite character behind caine but this is still a great show

  • kat

    NOOOOOO! Just when Calleigh and Eric were getting their s*** together? OMG it’s like CBS tries to jack up the shows on purpose. And just who’s going to be my eye candy now? Hate to say it but the new guy just doesn’t float my boat.

  • Jessica

    Ok whats the point of getting rid of all the characters of csi:miami i mean next they are going to take away calleigh. Seriously Erik Delko plays and important role in this show he along with Horatio have developed a bond together they have been together all 7 seasons personally me i dont like the new characters in csi:miami why? well because the shows will not be as they used to they took away a lot of the characters like Tim Speedle. Personally i dont think i will watch it anymore not because “Eric” is leaving just beacuse the shows are changing with each “new” character they keep on adding.

  • neilson

    CSI Miami is now ripped from my DVR programming. ugly stinking betty? are you stinking kidding me? What a piss poor episode to send Delko out with. Did you loose writers as well cbs? I really don’t care if Delko does make guest appearances, not if the writing is going this far down hill. It is sure not worth watching 5 more episodes of terminally stench filled fecal matter as they fade Delko completely out of the picture. As for the new guy with the poser surfboard picking up trash… please… Put him in a green grounds keeper jumpsuit and give him a bag and a stick. its all he is good for. Adam/Delko has… wait he is leaving, I’m sorry… HAD more innate charm, general studlyness, and acting ability even when standing still with no dialog than the new guy will ever have. adios csi miami!!!

  • Zoe

    We wait for so long to see Eric and Callie together and when we were finally seing this happening, This comes up!!!… please do something!!!!!

    CSI Miami is not going to be the same without Delko :(

  • Les Norton

    I pretty much stopped watching the show when the Ryan character came on board. I just can’t stand him and how he’s portrayed. I get tired of most shows when they start being more about personal actions of the main characters, I’ve never been a fan of that when it affects the show.

    So I noticed On Demand that it didn’t show the Delko character anymore so went back to find out what happened. Well you won’t get me back by losing him and keeping the idiot Ryan character.

    Thank God for CSI NY and Vegas

  • Marge

    If they are serious about not having Delko back as his character then I will no longer be a fan of CSI Miami, just like I left CSI Vegas after then left Grisson go.. So what’s next ??? CSI NY ? Are you thinking of getting rid of Mac Taylor now ? You know you had 3 tremendous shows going for you and you blow it by letting the great characters go from 2 of them.. What fools you are..
    Kiss those 2 off my list and will watch and see what happens next on CSI NY..
    Now I hope they all fall flat, you deserve that..

  • mary

    i love csi miami and csi las vegas because i learned many things. and i love the way they solve each cases.

  • mary claret

    why does eric delcko needs to leave csi miami? why???????????? and why did william pettersen and jorja fox need to leave csi las vegas as well???

  • Jill

    I am soooo upset!! I really love eric and calleigh! They are made for each other! I am so pissed!! What are they thinking!

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