Job Opportunities for Employees 55+

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If you are 55 years and older there are job opportunities for you. I received a question on a webinar today asking potential opportunities for job seekers 55 years and older. My response:

First, just because you are 55 old and older does not mean you can’t find a job. The greatest obstacleOlder Worker2 you may find is you. If you believe you can’t find a position, you won’t. The best way to get a job if you are in this age category is networking. With your years of experience, you will know lots of people. I challenge you to tap into your network and find people who you know. The opportunities will come as you get past your first degree of separation and tap into the people your colleagues know. Who you know that knows somebody, that you need to know? That is an important question for you to answer.

Networking your way into a position may be uncomfortable to you, but it is a valuable skill to master. Talk to colleagues, enlist them into your job search. One place to start is LinkedIn. Get your resume out there. Find people from your past who are willing to connect with you. Set up informational interviews with people willing to share their experience.

Become an entrepreneur. If no one will hire you, create a job for yourself. Start a business. Small businesses are a viable option for those who are struggling to get employed. What do you have a passion for? Can you tun that passion into a successful business.

Become a teacher at the college level or in the various schools from Elementary School to High School We need good teachers teaching this next generation of leaders coming up. Most school districts can’t find good qualified teachers.

Here’s my bottom line: Get creative in your approach for getting yourself re-employed. It may take longer to get employed, so know that going into your job search, but don’t let anyone tell you that you are not employable – Hog Wash! You can and will get a job, even if you have to create it for yourself!!

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  • Pamela Mark

    I’ve recently been squeezed out of my publisher/marketing/sales position of a medical (clinical & business) news-paper & web due to being acquired by a media company intending to own, harvest & dominate the local market. I’m in a quandary as to how to most effectively re-approach the market, since the market has radically changed. I.E. advertising/print/online/social media. Is consulting really the only option for a polished, creative senior-level executive who excels at generating high-concept ideas, devising strategies that deliver bottom-line results and forging symbiotic partnerships in which all sides benefit? Any suggestions?

    Pamela Mark

  • Darlene McDaniel

    Hi Pamela, Thanks for stopping by bizzia Careers. To answer your question, consulting is not the only job opportunity you can get. I don’t a lot about the industry, but I know that the media industry is increasing everywhere except newspaper. As I mentioned in my article, networking is the way to go. You seem to have a ton of experience. Network, or create your own opportunities.

    Feel free to stop by and share your results.


  • http://earthlink Marlene Jones

    Hello Darlene,

    I attended your Oct. 17, 2009 session on The Interview:So tell me a little bit about yourself” which i enjoyed. I am a retired Federal employee working part time at the Pratt library as a Librarian/office assistant who is looking for another part-time job as a Librarian. Recently, I submitted a resume to Woodlawn library for a part-time Librarian position. I like your article above regarding networking because I do have a couple of friends and family members who currently work at various libraries in Baltimore City and County who may be able to help me. Very good article.


  • Darlene McDaniel

    Hi Marlene,

    Thanks for stopping by bizzia Careers. I am glad you enjoyed the workshop. Please keep me posted about your success with networking into your next career opportunity.


  • Result Pundit

    yes, no need to surprise.If u have Talent and will nothing can stop u.

  • Jorden

    Thanks for your advice and job opportunity for those who are elder then 55 yrs.

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