A List of All the Major Online Poker Rooms

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There are several online poker rooms for you to choose from. Below is a list of all the major poker rooms available. Before joining any poker room, make sure to find the best promotions for buy-ins matched or free money.

Online Poker Rooms List

1. PaddyPowerPoker.com
2. FullTiltPoker.com
3. PokerStars.com
4. AbsolutePoker.com
5. UltimateBet.com
6. BoDog.com
7. PartyPoker.com
8. PacificPoker.com
9. DoylesRoom.com
10. BetUS.com
11. CarbonPoker.com
12. 888.com
13. PokerOcean.com
14. SportsBook.com
15. Bwin.com

Besides finding the best promotions, you should also research each poker room to find out its history. Some, like AbsolutePoker, have had problems with the integrity of their game room because cheating operations have discovered.

The two most popular poker rooms are FullTiltPoker and PokerStars. If you are interested in playing poker for free, most rooms offer a free alternative.

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  • JJ

    But you do have to luck out and get all your good hands at the end of the tourie.

  • http://keroak.livejournal.com/ keroak

    Did you hear that SEGA is launching their own poker site?