Tonight on Syfy: Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth

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It’s going to be a spooky night tonight on Syfy with new episodes of Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth. The ads for this week alone have got me shivering — did you see that doll open its eyes? Like old dolls aren’t creepy enough without having them hanging from polls to ward off ghosts. I know it would keep me away!

Ghost_Hunters_Duo_BricksThe evening begins at 9:00 with Ghost Hunters: Judgement Day.

Location: Union County Courthouse – Elizabeth, New Jersey

Slamming doors and apparitions have startled several late-night guards–could the ghost of a revolutionary war hero be disturbing the peace? Bruce Tango guest investigates

Location: MacNeil House – Hopkinton, New Hampshire
Join TAPS as they investigate hauntings in an old 19th century home. The MacNeils, current owners of the house consistently observe paranormal activity in their home–furniture moves and lights turn off on their own. Could the mischievous ghosts of children be behind the antics? It’s up to The Ghost Hunters to find out.

Destination Truth kicks in at 10:00

Location: Island of the Dolls / Lusca
South of Mexico City in the last of the old Aztec canals, there is an island that visitors claim is overrun by thousands of haunted dolls. The island’s caretakers hung up these dolls to ward off the spirit of a young girl who had drowned there while visiting the island. Don Julian, the caretaker, was found dead in the same canal where the young girl drowned. Now, locals claim his spirit also haunts the island. Josh and team’s chilling nighttime pursuit amongst the throng of sinister dolls yields some of their compelling on-camera evidence yet!

From there, the crew dives headfirst into the deep waters surrounding Andros Island in the Bahamas in search of the most feared monster in the ocean – the eight-legged Lusca. The creature is said to lurk in the region’s menacing underwater labyrinth of caves and tunnels, far below the stunning, crisp scenery above sea level. Josh, a scuba enthusiast always up for the next diving adventure, gears up to navigate this seemingly endless maze in search of the truth behind the Caribbean’s most infamous legend.

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  • jeff joiner

    Has anyone checked out the Mexican sound man Mike on DT. He is tooo handsome.

  • Mardy

    This is a show about nothing, They never find anything, Horaldo started it with al capones cave now there are shows with no answers, I knew the questions before they filmed the show. What have they proven or what evidence have they found? None!

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