Vampire Diaries Review: Night of the Comet

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Boys, look away. I’m going to be totally girlie here and say last nights episode of Vampire Diaries was hot! And I’m talking about Stefan and Elena. Sure, they’re a sweet pair of star-crossed lovers but Damon — oh Damon. Come bite me, baby. I’m all yours.


Now that I have that out of my system, here’s what I thought of Night of the Comet!

The opening teaser was typical horror movie fun, of the kind you often see at the start of Supernatural, just with a little more schlock. Boyfriend leaves the tent and goes into the dark woods. Girl hears raindrops on the tent and laughs — but oh no — that’s not rain, sweetie. That’s blood. Sure enough she steps outside and finds her boyfriend bleeding and up a tree. She runs for it in true Hollywood horror style, gets to the car and the door won’t open!  And then, the best thing happens, we hear that familiar little beep, beep, of a car alarm releasing the door locks. Seriously, how can one little sound be so creepy and so funny all at the same time.

Damon’s back and he’s got a wicked sense of humor.

After the teaser there was a bunch of show about Elena’s brother and his drug habit and her aunt who got unfairly reamed out by the history teacher (she’s doing the best she can, believe me.) And Stefan tried his hypno tricks to keep Vicki from remembering that it was Damon who attacked her. All necessary back story and it’s all a blur, because then Elena went to visit Stefan and met Damon for the first time.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESLet’s take a moment to notice something. Stefan and Damon / Sam and Dean. Damon wants Stefan to stop resisting the urge to drink blood. Dean wants Sam to keep resisting the urge to drink blood. Both Sam and Stefan brood beautifully and both fear that one wrong move will be deadly for their loved ones. Both Damon and Dean are snarky big brothers, who really do want it to be like old times with their little brothers, even if they go about it the wrong way.  Yeah, I love my Thursday nights.


So, back to the mansion and Damon’s charming all over Elena, telling her about how poor Stefan hasn’t really recovered from the break-up with his old girlfriend and when he offers to pull out the family album – yikes — that’s brilliantly nasty of him. It only gets better when Stefan shows up and his eyes bore into big brother like that comet in the sky.  But it really gets hot after Elena leaves. When Damon leaned in and practically whispered in Stefan’s ear – good gosh, I thought he was going to lick his neck, it was that hot! (Anyone else feeling a Supernatural / Vampire Diaries cross over?)

But one confrontation is not enough. Later, as the comet sails across the sky, Damon makes his point big time when he uses Vicki as bait to lure Stefan up on the roof. He then makes Vicki believe that Stefan attacked her, thereby messing up little brothers bid to live amongst the humans. How to solve the problem, simple –just feed, Stefan and become the brother Damon wants you to be. He doesn’t, of course, then hits home with the fact that he’d rather be dead if it meant being free of Damon.

Ouch. That hurt like Dean not protesting when Sam said he was going to leave.

And since this is a romance at heart, we end with Stefan and Elena getting into a lip lock earlier than I imagined they would. But because Kevin Williamson is a smart cookie juxtaposed that with the image of Damon getting “down” and dirty with Caroline and oh, can they do that in the 8:00 o’clock hour?



Thursday nights rock. Thanks, CW.

“Night of the Comet” Pictured: Ian Somerhalder as Damon, Nina Dobrev as Elena, Paul Wesley as Stefan Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney / The CW © 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Robyn

    I’m with ya sista, Thursdays are the best TV night of the week. Too many delicious men, two hours is too few!

  • cassi

    “last nights episode of Vampire Diaries was hot! And I’m not talking about Stefan and Elena. Sure, they’re a sweet pair of star-crossed lovers but Damon — oh Damon. Come bite me, baby. I’m all yours.”
    So true!!!!!!!

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  • sadaf

    hi I’m Iranian and i love vampire diaries so much i think it’s a best serial that i have seen before and i love Damon or (LAN somerhalder)i love u so much the car actor of vampire diaries.

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