Chris Evert and Greg Norman Split Up

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Well that didn’t take long. After only 15 months of wedded bliss, Chris Evert and Greg Norman have split up. This seems ironic given that Norman had to fork out one of the largest divorce settlements in history when he was forced to pay his ex-wife $103 million dollars. He had been married for 26 years to his former wife.


This marriage to Evert lasted a fraction of that long. Perhaps a tell tale sign that things weren’t going to work out had to do with something he said right after he and Evert got married. According to People he said that the “marriage is better than I expected.”

Better than he expected? Don’t you usually have high expectations before a marriage? Apparently Norman didn’t.

Both Evert and Norman commented at the time of their marriage that they were both just very comfortable with each other. Most times, that’s a good thing when it comes to being married. This time? Not so much.

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  • Jamaicafest

    Sorry to hear about this break up.

  • cooper

    I am not sorry. The way they went around like the cat that has got the cream when they left two devistated partners behind was just cruel. They showed no sensitivity to their children and expartners so why do they deserve our sympathy. It reminds me of the old saying you reap what you sow.

  • Anne

    Well wow that a surprise NOT, They bothe deserved each other both are shallow deceitful cheats, Its the ex partners and children I feel sorry for, That old saying the grass is always greener haha, Norman had a beautiful loving wife and children and he decided he wanted to do better with and with her, Its that old asying he thought with his dick not his brain, What is it with these men there wives stand by them and when they start aging and going down hill they look for a younger version to make them think they are younger well it doesnt work, Rupert Murdoch is another one what a joke you have to laugh at him his trophy wife also is not with him for him shes too is just there for the money and what else goes with it, then she has kids with him and now his children have to share the rightful inheritence with the her children well thats if she doesnt cut the Murdoch kids out first as she will out live Rurpert, Why dont you men just act your age and look after the women who have helped you through life. Greg you got what you deserve

  • http://Virgin Sally

    No surprises here!!! Just whose husband is she going for next???

    Greg Norman was a chump to leave his stunning wife and kids – put it down to mid-life crisis – but Evert has made a career out of going for other women’s husbands – i.e. Adam Faith – though he at least never married her! – Andy Mill – who did marry her – and now Greg Norman – who probably ‘bitterly regrets’!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim

    While Greg did not necessarily leave his wife for a “younger” woman, these two morons got what they deserved. I too feel sorry for the families these two cheaters broke up in the pursuit of lust. Word is Chrissy pursued him as much as he did her. Andy was Greg’s friend. What a total joke. Hope their children learn something from this mess.

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