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If you’re a collector like me then you probably have spreadsheets of these things you’ve collected in the past how many months or even years. Personally I only started becoming aware of the need to keep track of all these things. I think it’s partly because I am running out of shelf space. And some of my books ended up on my sister’s shelves. Tsk, it’s really time for me to sort things out!

Tellico is a collection manager, not limited to books.

Tellico is a collection manager, not limited to books.

Tell It to Tellico…

And Tellico will save just about everything you enter in the application. This is not a difficult application to use. It already has pre-set collection data entry forms. The ones that are already pre-set include the following:

  • book collections
  • video collection
  • music collection
  • coin collection
  • card collection
  • stamp collection

There are other defaults you could use. And you could even make some. If for example you want to document your collection of your figurines or maybe even other stuff. You could use custom fields for your particular collection. It’s up to you to define which fields are needed for your documentation.

You could create custom fields

You could create custom fields

There’s supposed to be a way to be able to search for particular books or music from the internet but it doesn’t seem to work with me. Internet’s flaky these days so I would have to check it again another day to be sure. But there is a form for you to fill out and then you could choose from the results which should be in your collection.

And you could even have different reports that summarize the information about your collection. You could group the entries according to the filters you want. It’s really nifty. : ) You could even save those reports in HTML so you could upload them on your website, if you want to share such information with friends, family and fellow hobbyists.

Try Tellico and see how you like it. : )

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  • Debianero Rumbero

    Being a long time user of the Tellico running in the KDE 3.x series I can’t wait to the stabilization of Tellico 2 in KDE 4.x series ^_^

    P.S. For Debian users, Tellico 2 is currently in Sid

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