Good Morning Monday

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    Good morning to everyone reading this, or good afternoon or good evening, depending where you are.

    Today, show up a few minutes early, and take 5 minutes to say good morning to every person on your team, individually, with feeling.

    Embrace the day and the week in front of you.

    Good Morning Monday!


    Why say good morning to everyone personally?

    First, it shows you’re there, with your team, ready to handle whatever comes your way for the week. Showing up is at least half the battle on many of my Monday mornings.

    Second, it shows you care about everyone as individuals, and not just as a team. I work better knowing someone cares about me as a person. What about you?

    Last but not least, it gives you the opportunity to head off anything that might have happened over the weekend, or that might happen all week, to anyone on your team. Not because they’re going to tell you anything while you’re saying good morning. Rather because if something did/does come up that’s causing a distraction, your team will be more apt to bring it to you so you can know better what’s going on.

    Good morning Monday!

    How do YOU like to start your week?

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      • Scott C Griffin

        Five minutes? Only 5 minutes? While I show up a good 15 to 20 minutes early, I am there to greet everyone that walks in. Also one may want to spend a little time after greeting everyone a good evening (fist-bump optional) with a ‘have a good evening” and ‘see you in the morning.’ If it is near the holidays I add a “be safe out there!”

        Besides greeting everyone it allows you to catch up with their outside lives, last nights game, etc. and makes a personal connection instead of ‘all business.’ People come to work not just for the money but for social interaction.

        When was the last time you , the boss, offered to get someone their cup of coffee? As Sam Walton stated “Never get bigger than your front line.”

      • Phil Gerbyshak

        OK, I should have said AT LEAST 5 minutes. :) My expectations are low I guess.

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