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If I were Mark Zuckerberg, the first thing I’d do is spend some money and buy a bunch of cool stuff. Next, I’d start offering free Facebook email accounts to users. How interested would you be in a Facebook email address?


Facebook continues to go strong. Everyone is getting used to and familiar with the interface changes for the most part and things seem to be settling down. There’s part of me though that still thinks Facebook is at risk of losing their totally cool status and being replaced by something else.

I think if Facebook offered email addresses to users it would absolutely lock Facebook in as an ongoing provider and Internet hub for millions of users every day. Not that they’re having a problem keeping users right now, I just think it would be another great way to entwine themselves with their users even further.

If you had an email address like that would allow you to both send and receive email outside of the closed walls of Facebook, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Would it replace your,,, or maybe even your account?

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  • Tina


    have you found a facebook email address yet? I would love one.


  • Joseph

    Fastforward a year from this post and you actually might have email coming soon.

  • Jason Bean

    I so totally called this before it happened!

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