Sony Cyber-shot TX1 Out-of-the-Box

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    Sony sent in a Cyber-shot TX1 to review. As the camera features a 3.0″ touch-screen, the only physical controls (zoom, preview, and the on-off buttons) are situated on the top of the device. Here’s what comes with the TX1:


    • Instruction manuals in 4 different languages (region-dependent)
    • Warranty card
    • Software CD
    • Catalog of Cyber-shot TX1 accessories
    • USB / TV-out cable
    • NP-BD1 battery in a plastic case
    • Changing dock and power cord
    • Wrist strap (already attached to camera
    • Paint pen (attaches to wrist strap, used to operate touch-screen


    At first glance, that seems like a lot. Yet Sony could’ve done a little better with the bundle, including a Memory Stick and a basic camera case at the very least. I totally understand Sony wants customers to spend more on accessories (the included catalog makes this marketing push very obvious). But what’s wrong with whetting the new owner’s appetite right away? A 1GB memory stick provides enough capacity for decent use, while a cheap camera case would provide basic protection for the TX1′s stylish (and fingerprint-vulnerable) exterior?

    In any case, watch out for updates as we put this camera through its paces. If you’re eager to own a Sony Cyber-shot TX1, B & H is selling this baby for $380. Available range from feminine pink to the understated gray.

    c/o Technograph

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