Prison Break – Michael’s Last Message

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Mon, Nov 2 - 12:03 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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A Prison Break fan put together this video after the show ended in France. It’s a video based on the ending of the series and Michael’s last message.

She writes, “Basically, this is about Linc’, Sara, AND Sucre watching Michael’s last message. I put Sucre in it because what he did for them was just AMAZING.

What do you think of the video? Share your favorite fan videos below!

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  • Jasmine

    Oh my God,this is just amazing!So sad,I almost cried while watching it! Congratulations to whoever made it!Just perfect!How much I miss Prison Break…

  • hayden

    prison-break and Michael will never die! it could never die! and the fans are keeping it alive! so glad to see the fans all over the world still supporting pb, …very touching.

  • margareth

    its really sad knowing that michael has to die, very sad
    but i guess the film must be end, but i was hoping that they’ll be free at last, happy ever after… but it’s just so sad..

  • amera

    This was so heartbreakingly beautiful, I haven’t been able to watch anything Prison Break related since the show ended and I’ve been struggling to write lately as well whether one has anything to do with the other or not I don’t know, but strangely this has given me a little inspiration again so a huge thanks to the awesome fan who made this video and to you guys for posting it.

  • lee

    Yes, we love Prison Break so so much!
    We miss Michael so so deep!

  • oran

    Very sad!
    Like someone said on YouTube: “HeartBreak”

  • dave

    ARRRRIIIGGGHHHTTT!!! i back , where everybody hiding, wow somebody from fox make a new video. cool cool ,in the video aye it is baby michael, baby michael look,uncle dave here.

  • sabee

    AWWW, I just watched the last prison break recently and was gutted.
    I cannot believe the ending, it was so sad!
    I so wish it had not ended but I guess it had to end sometime.
    Wentworth and all the team in Prison Break were picked well, they just all played the roles well.
    Things like this video will still keep Prison Break fresh in our minds.


    prison break ‘ll always be my favorite breath day after day,so i’m so unhappy to hear that prison break is gone forever.
    i’d wih T.P SCHERUNG think that my life depends on it.


  • Agmiller

    It is a nice video but still very hard to fathom the Micheal died.It was just not the way to go.Anyways Micheal will live in his sons heart forever.

    Oh the intonation was so spoton and touching.
    i wonder how he is doing in Canada,the frozen neighbors……..whohhhhhhhhhh anyways hope he is okay.

  • Kerry

    I think it was just heart breaking to watch the end…. I cried soooo much. As we did not see Michael’s body & the end was not concluded, I am hoping that there will be a season 6 to this beautiful series….
    Something like….Michael has memory loss due to the brain tumor & has been in prison for the last four years until someone reconises him…… blah blah blah….

  • hayden

    also Michael will live in “our” hearts forever!!!

  • lee

    also Michael will live in “our” hearts forever!!!

    It’s so true!

  • Gagan

    Don’t you have a heart FOX TV??

    I think you all are just a peck of selfish wolves who just care about the green papers.

    Had the show ended exactly where Sara & Michael were walking on the beach,I wouldn’t have been so sad,but you guys wanted the end to be impressive,the one made for the critics…

    I will not stop & I will not give up my hope for a fifth season no matter what…

    I feel like crying right now but i won’t

    I will do whatever I can till the last breath…

    Got it fox.

  • hayden

    hey gagan , you know I don’t look at the tombstone scene, it is too hurtful too watch. there were two other movies that were sad for me at the ending also, when I was a kid I saw ‘love me tender” an old black and white movie. and also a movie starring “dale midkiff as elvis- the sad part was before the movie ended they showed the real funeral of Elvis, with the song “always on my mind” …I am so happy our Wentworth is still here with us.he is my favorite celeb in the world.

  • lee

    you know I don’t look at the tombstone scene, it is too hurtful too watch.

    Me too! When I re-watched Season 4, only that last clip I didn’t watch!
    I love Season 4 very much, indeed.

  • sherry

    I do the same hayden and lee,I almost watch everyday different episodes from all tha seasons,but I just watch till Misa were walking on the beach S4 Ep.22 and I watch just the starting scene of The Final Break I hate to see when the police came and take Sarah from Michael
    I’m with u Gagan I’ll always have hope for coming back.It’s hard to happen but it’s good to have hope

  • Yalçın Karaca

    Years will pass and maybe I will be an old man but I will always remember prison break with tears rolling down my face.