MSNBC Twitter Account Hacked

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Fri, Nov 6 - 5:38 pm EDT | 8 years ago by
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    If you’re quick, you should go follow @MSNBCHeadlines on twitter. They’ve had their account hacked and let’s just say the person that’s in control of the account is having a little fun with the media outlet.


    I’m not sure how it is all these accounts on twitter have been getting hacked so prolifically lately. I don’t think all of these people have simple passwords that are getting cracked, so what’s happening? Are there machines infected with other malware that’s collecting login information?

    Aside from the major PR issues that a entity like MSNBC is going to have to deal with after this kind identity theft, twitter is going to have to start doing something a little more to protect the security of the network.

    If more and more people start to think that they can’t safely click on links or use the micro-blogging service, users are going to start dropping off and going to other channels for the same types of information.

    I’m curious, if you’ve had your account hacked recently. Do you have any ideas of what happened? Too simple of a password? Other malware on your computer? What’s the deal?

    UPDATE: If you’d like to see some of the tweets that were sent out through the account before it was suspended you can see them on this TechCrunch article about MSNBCHeadlines twitter account getting hacked. Caution NSFW! Language ahead matey!

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      • Jason Bean

        UPDATE: The @MSNBCHeadlines account has now been suspended by Twitter: Not sure if that was by their request or automated from Twitter perhaps.

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