November 8 recap: American Dad, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show

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    Last night was pretty much a Seth Sweep on Fox. Let’s get right to it:

    American Dad, “Man in the Moonbounce”:

    Good. American Dad is getting better every week, while Family Guy, while better than last season’s dismal showing, is still sputtering. Here’s a clip:

    Father-Son Egging

    Family Guy, “Brian’s Got a Brand New Bag”:


    Why, Meg has an evil monkey too!?!? Miley Cyrus robot was good, too. I couldn’t find any clips up, but I’ll post them as I get them

    Family Guy, “Quagmire’s Baby”:


    VERY good! No clips up for this one up as yet, but the whole Stewie interaction with his evil clone was priceless.

    The Cleveland Show, “Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb”:


    I didn’t catch this one, actually, but here’s a clip: Cleveland Junior’s Cherry Bomb. If you watched it, what did you think?

    Overall, a pretty good night for Fox Animation and Seth MacFarlane.

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      • Chris

        I dont remember quagmire’s baby on tv…

      • Kyle

        THey didnt show Quagmires Baby, they showed the Hannah Montana one…

      • Wendy Boswell

        That’s what was on the Fox schedule, and it was on in my area….

      • Xian

        i dont care what is your problem i hope this show gets shot this is a freakin watse of money for this show fox is going downhikll you bums

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