2010 Automated Elections in the Philippines

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Remember how “sweatshops” in the Philippines figured “prominently in the manufacture of U.S. voting machines”? If you’re wondering how the Philippines will automate its own elections come 2010, here are some videos showing the automated systems in action:

If you haven’t noticed, the “automated” in this elections actually involves the tabulation of votes, not the actual casting of votes. Voters will be given pre-printed ballots, where they will mark their preferred candidates by shading the circles under the names of their choice. Ballots are then fed into a voting district counting machine, where votes are automatically tallied and forwarded to municipal and national servers. The counting machines will transmit election returns encrypted, and will print out eight copies for the various political parties and voting watchdogs to cross-check manually.

In case you haven’t noticed, the election automation involves Smartmatic International, which has implemented automated elections in the US, Mexico, Venezuela, Barbados, Spain, Taiwan, and of course the Philippines. It has faced controversy while handling the 2004 recall vote in Venezuela, so local agents have stepped up a campaign to educate the electorate and convince them of the process’ integrity at bagongbotante.ph.

Have you ever cast your votes through an automated system? Feel free to share your experience below.


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  • http://www.botomoto.com botomoto

    the biggest problem facing efforts to automate the elections in the philippines is the voting public’s indifference and fear of the unknown. And, of course, there are interest groups out there who are all too happy to exploit these to discredit poll automation in the eyes of the public.

  • http://www.ramonguico.com Ramon Guico

    I think if there are advantages of course there also disadvantages of implementing the automated system for election.It provides efficient way for voting with less hassle and counting of votes will be quicker. But many people ask if that machine is hackable or that system is fully secured….because there are possibilities that the candidates can hire a computer experts to hack the system and manipulate the entire votes.Still,we should be watchful!

  • http://yahoo aidalizav

    i think the automated election would be another way of lessening the practiced manipulation of election results for the coming election.but the qoestion is…how secured the automated election will be?well it’s up to us if we will not do something to make sure that there will be a clean,fair and just election that will happen.

  • maria

    how can we monitor computer hacking of the program for the automated election?

  • http://yahoo.com carlo ramirez

    The Objective of the Commission on Elections is to to fully automate the National and Local Elections, starting with the counting of votes up to the proclamation of the winning candidates from the municipal up to the national levels, my question is how can we determine if the contractor is doing the right thing?do they have any contingency plan?or do they have continuity plan? we entirely dependent on what the service provider says are they accountable to the voting public?

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  • Reyban

    If you don’t mind, I’m a simple person with a slight understanding in dealing with computerized equipments. We’re facing an automated computerized election voting, probably this coming 2010 election. Now, my worry, and concern is the sincerity, and transparency of the result??? Yes, they may declare that the automated machines are absolutely tampered-proof !!! But, what if irregularities, and cheating was inserted during the processing of the equipment program software? That will only be triggered if the votes result are in terms of higher millions, so that during simulation test no abnormality can be detected. (Example: “IF candidate A > 10M, then add 1% of the excess to candidate B. If not, resume counting!!!). This is merely a simple hint of high caliber cheating!!!

  • http://digsmydailythoughts.blogspot.com/ Digbay

    i am happy to know that there are a lot of people who are getting involved in this 2010 Automated Elections -especially the young ones. Let us help fellow voters, let’s help in educating one another.


    the automated election, rather the counting of votes through the computer, have eliminated the following in the canvassing of votes in the precinct level: misreading of votes, mismarking in the tally sheet, etc, and ballot box snatching. in a way the automation have reduced various forms of electoral frauds and violence.

  • zner

    whoa!!automated election also increase speed and efficient of electoral task and faster electoral results.

  • jave

    well, since it is computer based, there is no way to double check the tally? what if there are errors?

  • http://www.yahoo.com Christian

    Even when the automated machines

  • http://www.yahoo.com Christian hoderial

    ….auz gd ang ang automated election,,tama gd kapag-on di madali-dali…
    ,.gni kamu na mga kabataan mangabay gd tah xa manami na election na matabo..luv u guys!!!mwuahh2x

  • http://demmz.multiply.com dembert

    why? do you have a fact? please see me this.

  • http://demmz.multiply.com dembert

    please give me your reason…

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