‘HawthoRNe’ Trick: Bobbie’s Prosthetic Leg

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If you’re a fan of the TNT medical drama HawthoRNe, you already know that regular cast member Suleka Mathew (pictured below) plays nurse Bobbie Jackson, the fellow Richmond Trinity Hospital employee and best friend of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s title character Christina Hawthorne.

Suleka Mathew/HawthoRNe 1.02

Bobbie is well-known on the series for her competence, integrity, and quick wit. She also happens to have a prosthetic left leg, which doesn’t slow her down one bit on the job, although it does sometimes interfere with her confidence when it comes to the opposite sex.

However, what some viewers might not know is that Mathews isn’t an amputee in real life. So, how in the world do they film those intriguing scenes where we get lengthy close-up looks at Bobbie’s man-made leg?

Check out the following video to learn all about the filming magic involved in such segments, complete with commentary from Mathews herself. It’s very fascinating how realistic the show makes the artificial limb seem, especially after you realize just how fake the effect is. Cool, no?

HawthoRNe completed airing its successful 10-episode first season in August and will return for a second 10-episode season in 2010.

Photo: Suleka Mathew (Karen Neal/TNT)
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