Dr. Phil Meets Ghost Hunters: It’s Ghost Intervention

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Sat, Dec 12 - 10:28 am EDT | 4 years ago by
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19883_LOWRES_IMG_1783Ghost hunting shows are all the rage and emotional intervention shows really rack up the ratings, so why not combine them?

Ghost Intervention is a new 4-part docu-drama on TLC. The show, which premieres tonight at 9:00, follows a team of psychic women as they attempt to help a family cope with paranormal activity in their home.

Therapy for a haunting? It may not be as wild as it seems. If you watch Paranormal State you’ll see Ryan and his crew counseling the families during their investigations, something you never see on the other ghost hunting shows. The counseling idea is based on the belief that evil spirits seek out households in turmoil so if you can settle the family, you can send the demons on their way.

If you watch the show, come back here and tell me what you thought. Could be something new and different in the ghost hunting genre, or it could be nothing but talk, talk, talk.

That’s Ghost Intervention, Saturday at 9:00 on TLC.

Here’s a clip:

Sierra, Dawn, and Raiya with Roxanne Ladouceur as seen on episode 101: Message From Beyond.

Photographer: Gia Galligani
Credit: TLC

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  • Brendan Deegan

    I whached it 2nite and think its just crap….Thank U.

  • lunalynx

    I think it was awesome! Hope they make more….

  • Mike Zielinski

    Ghost Intervention is Ausome. My wife and I were glued to the tv watching both back to back episodes. We can relate to all of the families as we also have activities in our home and would love to have Mediums that could read our home. Execellent job, cant wait for next episode.

  • Gummerfan

    Okay, so Pilgrim has a new ghosty show, which feature some of the same homes & familes from their other ghosty show, and the familes and the team take potshots at the team from the other ghosty show? Oh, and the “mediums” purport to receive informaton from the spirits, and we’re supposed to believe they didn’t just pick it up from watching the other ghosty show?
    I want my two hours back.

  • Nate F.

    I could not stay awake it was so boring!!! There was no hard evidence to back up what the mediums said. It looked so rehearsed as if the families were supposed to agree with what the mediums were saying. I think it was all faked so everyone could be on TV! It was all stories and hear say. It should be called “Palm Readers”. What a scam of a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry, this one will not make it!!

  • Mommaiz

    “RESCUE MEDIUMS” was better…then both of the British ladies would go get trashed at the end of the show….now THAT’S REALITY!

  • Bethe

    I thought the show was interesting and a different perspective on the paranormal. Scientifically things are proven, but then what…this answers that question..connects the history of the location with the people who reside there now.

  • http://www.MeetTheMedium.com Dennis O’Connor

    My wife Georgia and I watched it and her comment was “They slod my idea”. She is a medium and her main focus when approched by a “haunting” is to help the spirit go to the light.

    The other shows that want to antagonize spirits just to sell corn flakes are pitiful at best and fake at their worst.

    Dead people who have crossed have no use for hollywood and those that haven’t crossed just need love.

    Wage Peace

  • Tuned-in

    I watched the show and could take my eyes off the tv. I hope TLC keeps this one!

  • strobe357

    I thought the show was great! I hope they make more episodes!

  • danni

    I am so stoked about this show. It was suppose to air again, but it seems as though TLC decided not to air the new episodes like they said they would. I hope they bring it back bigger and better. I find the mediums to be highly credible and believable. And it was nice to show that even though two mediums may get together…they don’t experience the same things…. they each get a part of the story of the truth into the past.

    I find this show better than Ghost Hunters and better than Parnormal state. I guess the difference between this show is that they’re not trying to convert non-believers with the extraneous scientific stuff. They just show you what they, as mediums, can do for someone who is being haunted by ghosts. The other thing I like… is that the women don’t look crazy like many mediums…. many mediums are 40 year old crazy looking people and these women are the opposite…. young and very very attractive. That’s a twist.

    PLEASE bring this show back!

  • Louise

    I loved this show. It was different than all the other ghost hunting shows. I only saw it once before they took it off the air but found the women very credible. Over and over what they claimed to see or feel was proven to be true when the history of the site was examined. They were very calm and made the ghosts seem more “human” and less scary. They truely seemed to want to help them. I liked this much better than the taunting that goes on in other shows. I hope they bring the show back.

  • Rebecca Brazil

    P-L-E-A-S-E bring this show back!!!! Very rare and unique perspective. Refreshing to say the very least. I can’t begin to express how disappointed I was when the promised episodes didn’t air. Major let down. If they won’t air the show they should at least provide folks with the information and opportunity to obtain them. Open your minds network people!! This show deserve MORE THAN a one time shot!! We could all use the enlightenment~

  • Tara Ryan

    What happened to the other two lost episodes. People in Savannah had their tivo set and all of a sudden it just disapppeared! With all the filming with Miley Cyrus and Robert Redford this summer in Savannah, it seems like they would at least accomadate the people who’s time and effort was put into the show, not to mention at least notify those people of what happened instead of leaving it hanging.

  • Janice

    Bogus TV show! !! Nothing resolved,only assumptions and much researched by their staff. . This show IS a joke! LOL