College Football Coaching Update, 12/14/09

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I’ve been updating you every week, and while there haven’t been many new announcements as far as firing goes, but there have been some new hires. The biggest news this week is probably Brian Kelly, who is heading to Notre Dame, which leaves Cincinnati high and dry.


Brian Kelly, Image: Newscom

Brian Kelly, Image: Newscom

  • Fired: J.D. Brookhart
  • Hired: Rob Ianello (assistant coach at Notre Dame)


  • Leaving for Kansas: Turner Gill
  • Hired: TBD


  • Leaving for Notre Dame: Brian Kelly
  • Hired: TBD

Florida State

  • Retiring: Bobby Bowden
  • Hired: Jimbo Fisher (assistant coach at Florida State)


  • Fired: Mark Mangino
  • Hired: Turner Gill (head coach at Buffalo)


  • Fired: Steve Kragthorpe
  • Hired: Charlie Strong (assistant coach at Florida)


  • Fired: Charlie Weatherbie
  • Hired: TBD


  • Fired: Mark Snyder
  • Hired: TBD


  • Fired: Tommy West
  • Hired: Larry Porter (assistant coach at LSU)

Notre Dame

  • Fired: Charlie Weis
  • Hired: Brian Kelly (head coach at Cincinnati)

San Jose State

  • Retiring: Dick Tomey
  • Hired: TBD


  • Fired: Mike Sanford
  • Hired: TBD


  • Fired: Al Groh
  • Hired: Mike London (Richmond coach)

Western Illinois

  • Leaving for health reasons: Don Patterson
  • Hired: TBD

Western Kentucky

  • Fired: David Elson
  • Hired: Willie Taggart (assistant coach at Stanford)

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