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    Multitouch gestures are all the rage right now. The most basic laptop functions like scrolling a page or zooming in and out, traditionally handled by using a single finger to find the right on-screen function and click-and-drag, have been replaced with more intuitive gestures using multiple fingers on the touchpad.

    But those with older-generation laptops have been left out in the cold. No multitouch gestures for them. Until now.


    The USB Multi-Touch Smart Pad is a simple peripheral that adds multitouch gestures to any computer. Just plug in the USB connector, and you can use two or three fingers to scroll, zoom, rotate, switch windows, and more. As a nifty bonus, the Smart Pad can also use its touch-sensitive trackpad as a numeric keypad, something that desktop users often miss when switching to a laptop.

    The only catch is that the Smart Pad doesn’t work with Macs — only PCs. Then again, now that the Magic Mouse has come, Mac users really have no need for an additional multitouch device, do they?

    The Multi-Touch Smart Pad is on sale now at ThinkGeek for $39.99.

    Image: ThinkGeek.

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