Taking Advantage of Facebook’s Privacy

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Thinking about Facebook and privacy aren’t necessarily two words you’d think about combining together and taking advantage of these days. The truth though is that with Facebook‘s new privacy features you can really do something pretty handy.


With the new privacy settings on Facebook, you can really pinpoint the types of information you want to share with different groups of people. Whether or not you want to share you personal information, birthday, photos, status updates and more is all available within Facebook‘s privacy settings by going to Settings > Privacy Settings > Profile Information.

That’s just one part of taking advantage of these settings.

Do you have people friended on Facebook out of some sort of obligation but you’re really not interested in hearing their opinions on things or them really seeing all of your information?

Take advantage of the grouping options for friends and setup a new group for these “Blocked” friends. Move anyone you want into this friend group and then use the privacy settings we talked about before to exclude this group specifically from those information bits about you that you’d rather suppress.

What do you think?

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