Jane Lynch talks about her guest spot on the Cleveland Show

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Glee breakout star Jane Lynch is set to guest voice in the January 10 episode of the Cleveland Show titled “Love Rollercoaster” (sqweeeeee!!!!). She gave a brief interview in which she talked about this gig and her love/hate for Family Guy:

Are you a fan of Family Guy?
JANE LYNCH: I love Family Guy. I am also appalled and shocked by Family Guy. And I am proud to say that several children in my family under the age of 10 get it and love it, too.

How is Ms. Eck similar to Sue Sylvester?
LYNCH: They both lack filters and say whatever awful thing comes into their mind. In-the-head-and-out-the-mouth syndrome.

And how are they different?
LYNCH: Ms. Eck lacks Sue’s icy Nordic aggression.

Your first reaction upon viewing yourself in ‘toon form?
LYNCH: Ms. Eck may have the largest, most disproportionate butt in cartoon history.

Not sure who the magnificent Jane Lynch is? Here we go:

That’s just one of her many roles; she’s also been in “Julie and Julia“, many episodes of “The L Word”, and “Talladega Nights”, to name just a few.

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