Why Did NBC Cancel Their Show "Trauma"?

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One of the few new shows I started watching this past season was on NBC and it was called Trauma. It aired on Monday nights at 9pm EST and it reminded me of what the old NBC hit "ER" used to be when it first started.


The show followed the daily grind of a cast of EMT’s, life rescue pilots, firemen and others that help save people’s lives in and around San Francisco.

I thought the cast all worked well together and for the most part were new up-and-comers that didn’t have any baggage carrying on with them from other shows and series.

Cliff Curtis and Aimee Garcia played rescue pilots. Anastasia Griffith and Taylor Kinney were ambulance drivers along with Derek Luke and Kevin Rankin.

All of them really made up an ensemble cast that worked well together and made for some dynamic onscreen relationships and character development between each other. Every week you really got to know more of their characters and were interested in their lives.


Were the ratings that bad? I told everyone I knew about the show and said how much we loved it. Sometimes I don’t know how shows come and go on the major networks. I mean honestly, why in the world is "Ghost Whisperer" still on the air?

I challenge you to visit the Trauma website and go catch-up on past episodes if you haven’t seen the show. Then let me know what you think and if you feel the show was worthy of ending up on the cutting room floor.

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  • Amarabia

    I freaking LOVE the show “trauma”. It is one of the few shows that I actually do enjoy. I can not believe that they would cancel a show as good as this one! I must admit, I had no idea that this show even existed until I stumbled upon it one day when I was surfing through ‘on demand’. NBC needed to advertise this show better. After the first episode, I was hooked! The cast is absoultely amazing, especially that beautiful emt named Glenn!! Honestly, it was love at first sight! lol. But seriously, I am going to need for this show to stay on the air because I am addicted!

  • Big Jon

    This was the only show since ER when it started and Magnum PI before that that I cleared space in my evening once a week to watch regardless of what else I had going on it is a true shame that it no longer exists I hope another network picks it up! this show was shaping up to be great. My wife and I have been searching the listings for 3 weeks until checking to see if it got canceled. we are sorry to see it go amidst all the other crap that premiered this year!

  • http://traumatics.tumblr.com Traumanbcfans

    I think NBC failed to properly promote the show. I’ll be honest, when i saw the previews i was not impressed, and based on how the show was different in subsequent episodes vs the pilot, i think the pilot was meant to shock & awe…and it did in a bad way, and it’s never been able to recover. I watched the pilot and wasn’t hooked but i still saw something and kept watching, and i haven’t been disappointed, i think every episode has gotten better, and I love the characters. All of them, i’m not sure that’s good or bad, b/c you’d think there should be at least one person you love to hate? I started off that way w/ Cliff Curtis’ character Rabbit, but it’s turned into the character I love to love…go figure. I think the show has a solid cast, good acting, good dialogue and characters you actually care about. Scenes that come to mind are Tyler’s coming out, i think it brought out the humanity in a group or lifestyle that many like to demonize.

    There was also a pretty harsh reaction by the EMS community which again i think was unfounded, they berate the show for being unrealistic, b/c yeah last i checked CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, House etc, were soooo realistic. They fail to realize the show is not a documentary, and is meant purely for entertainment. The average viewer doesn’t care if the actors are using the correct gauge needle or not…nor are they likely to know the difference, and other’s who feel it’s showing EMS services in a negative light seriously need to get off their high horses. The content is no different from anything else our there, and though the situations might be unorthodox, we’re all human, we’re not perfect we all do things we shouldn’t do.
    Though the actors on the show are easy on the eyes. I think that’s another thing the show brings home, the characters are flawed, but it doesn’t stop them from doing their jobs and going above and beyond for their patients, and i honestly think that’s the takeaway most people get from the series.
    It doesn’t show EMS in a bad light, i’d like to know in my darkest hour, that the person i’m depending on to take care of me, will go above and beyond to save my life.

    To keep the show on the air. We need viewership to increase. I hope NBC does in fact air the remaining 6 episodes, and give us a chance to show that we love the show. If you’re interested in campaigning for the show, do check our the Trauma Street Team on Facebook, we’d love your ideas and support. Would love to see Trauma get picked up for a 2nd Season and more! Go Trauma!

  • http://traumatics.tumblr.com Traumanbcfans

    If Fans want to help campaign to keep the show on the AIR, check out some of our ideas on our blog: http://bit.ly/4BJdjc or join our facebook page and contribute some ideas of your own: http://bit.ly/773V92

  • lexi

    NBC totally failed me in 2009, and they’re continuing to do so in 2010. First the cancelled Southland, 2 weeks before it was set to come back, now they’ve failed me again by taking Truama off the air. It’s all damn Jay Leno’s fault. I tried to watch his show when he switched to primetime, but it’s lame. It’s not even funny anymore, since he has to deal with the whole “not in late night comedy” thing. What they need to do is cancel Jay, before he ruins the whole network. NBC doesn’t care that his ratings are so low, even a lame soap opera beats him! It keeps taking away all the good shows and leaving the crappy ones (ie: “Community”….). TNT, on the other hand, SAVED SOUTHLAND, so Ik now what I will be watching every tuesday night at 10 pm. Thanks for nothing, NBC. I’m moving to CBS.

  • bear2bear4

    Trauma should definately be put back on the air. I was hooked since the pilot and the episodes have been getting better and better. The character of Tyler is great and they should show even more of this guy .He is funny, sarcastic,caring and great at his job.The kind of person that everyone likes and wants as a friend. Rabbit is the kind that you think you would hate, but you then realize that he does have a heart afterall. All of these characters work well together and make the show fun to watch.
    I have already downloaded all the episodes on my ipod, so I can still watch it even though its not on the air right now.
    Please keep making new episodes. Not only finish this season, but continue with season 2 so we can watch these characters grow more and more.Give Trauma a chance and it will get the audience that it so richly deserves.

  • Jeff

    i love trauma is one of the best shows out there i love watching it i really wish that NBC would bring it back and screw Jay

  • cheryl r.

    I LOVE this show and so did my friends. Please bring it back on. I don’t have anything to watch on Monday nights. It another chance.

  • Courtney

    My two kids and I looked forward to every Monday nights at 8pm and we could snuggle up and watch Trauma. We’re so disappointed!!

  • jo

    I cannot belive they cancelled this show it was really good. I thought only fox cancelled all the good shows after a few episodes lol. Never fails you fall in love with a show and they cancel it go figure.

  • Cook

    show was better then half of the other garbage out there..guess they needed money to pay for bachelor seasons

  • jellybelly

    My husband and I fell so hard for Trauma. We fell in love with the characters so fast and hung on every show. We rearainged our lives for the show to make sure we were home every mon. night so we could watch the show together cause other wise one of us w9ould spill the bean to the other.

    They would be so wrong to cancalle this show. It really is the next “er”. We and made it a goal to make a mass following and it is working. Our whole town would be at such a loss without this show.

    Make the right chose GET IT BACK ON THE AIR!!!!!!


  • Scott

    I love this show, it kept me in the EMS field and wanting to go further into the medical field then I originally was.



  • hill1562

    I didn’t watch the show when it aired on TV but just this past week I have watched the whole season on Netflix streaming and was hooked from the beginning. I was disappointed when the last episode ended. I didn’t want it to be over. Now I have to find another show just as good as that one to fill the slot. Maybe a cable station will want to put it back on the air. I hope so.

  • Bonni

    I totally agree. I just watch the whole season on this past week. And was hooked. NBC does not give the great shows they have created a chance.

  • KD

    Real pitty this show was cancelled. But they keep crap on the air.

  • Alison

    I just watched all the episodes on online streaming but i can’t believe it over! I wish i would’ve know about it when it aired. I can honestly say it is my favourite show, even though there were few episodes. I don’t see how this got canceled and other crappy shows were kept on! I don’t know if it possible now, but i hope they bring it back!

  • jamihla

    Loved this show.NBC needs to bring it back

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