How Mini Workouts Work

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Sometimes even the most dedicated workout stalwarts need to shorten their gym time to meet other commitments.  If you’re loyal to your workout to the point you don’t want to miss it, condense the session into a mini workout.  The mini workout has three key advantages: 1) your muscles still get worked, 2) you still burn calories, and 3) you won’t lose any ground in your development.

To illustrate a mini workout, let’s take a sample chest, tri’s, and shoulder day and say you would normally make room for 3-4 exercises on each muscle group and go 3×12 on each.  For a mini workout, you’re going to take all the numbers down a notch, but you’ll still go with the same intensity you normally use.

So in our example, the mini workout goes to 2 exercises on each muscle group and we’ll only use 2 sets instead of 3 with 8 to 10 reps instead of 12.  You may also want to lower the weight if you’re really short on time.

Mini workouts are great placeholders for your workout.  What would have turned into a complete blank in your workout schedule becomes a nice, quick session where your muscles are stimulated and you get some extra toning in.  The mini workout also gives your body a sense of rest and is easier to recover from.

Mini workouts work great for those on strict day to day workout schedules.

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  • bill

    Hi,I loved your article about mini workouts. I have trained like this for years and always have put my clients on brief workout with great results

  • Kris Jones

    Thanks very much Bill.

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