Firefox 3.5 Is the World’s Most Popular Browser

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Something happened recently that’s been expected for some time but has been seemingly insurmountable for reality to actually make it happen. Firefox 3.5 has overtaken all other browsers as the most popular browser used in the world.


Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Version Market Share

Remember when Internet Explorer used to completely dominate the browser market share? Mozilla and other browsers have been consistently chipping into the lead from Microsoft’s browser and have finally overtaken that lead.

With more sales of Windows 7 and the holidays bringing more computers online and to the market, Internet Explorer 8 may overtake the lead from Firefox 3.5 fairly soon, but as more of those users find out and discover Firefox as another browser option with many great features, the battle may go back and forth for awhile.

I continue to use Firefox as my browser of choice because of all the very handy and useful add-ons I’ve got installed that I’ve come to rely on for my everyday work. If IE8 had more add-ons and functionality available like Firefox, I think it would really start competing again, but for now, I think it will just continue to lose popularity.

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  • Quikboy

    Gee, I wonder why developers don’t make more add-ons for IE8.

  • Jason Bean

    What’s your opinions on why more people aren’t making add-ons for IE8?

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