Jensen Ackles Lends His Voice New Batman DVD

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    Among the list of Dean Winchester quotables is a line from “Bad Day at Black Rock” where he exclaims, “I’m Batman.”

    Now, Jensen Ackles, the man behind Dean Winchester, is moving one step closer as he lends his voice to a new animated Batman DVD release.

    According to the LA Times, Jensen will voice The Red Hood, an anti-hero, superhero in Batman: Under the Red Hood. Bruce Greenwood will voice Batman and even Neil Patrick Harris will be along for the ride.

    No word on the release date yet, but a preview of the film will be included on the next Justice League DVD “Crisis on Two Earths.”

    Photo: Jensen Ackles poses with his Ten Inch Hero castmates Danneel Harris and Elisabeth Harnois. Credit: Cynthia Boris

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      • Jenn

        He should be Batman!

      • madcap

        This is awesome news. Thanks Cynthia.

      • Nemam

        XDDDDD and in the beginning he’ll say: I’m Batman! XDDDDDD like in the SPN :DDD LOL

      • esra

        it’s amazing

      • esra

        we can hear his voice.ı love him everything

      • filmguy

        Damn I was hoping that he was going to be Batman for a moment there. That would have been awesome. When ever Christian Bale hangs up the cape and cowl they should definitely give Ackles a call. That guy is just waiting to become a big movie star.

      • Lana

        jensen is beauliful ,oh god

      • Lana

        I live in Brazil and the dream of my life is to know Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, help me please

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