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I haven’t used Rhythmbox‘s Last.fm to scrobble lately because it doesn’t let me ‘love’ a song. Well, that is until I found this particular Last.fm plugin for Rhythmbox called “New Style Last.fm Scrobbler” thanks to Juergen Kreileder. In Amarok, it’s pretty much seamless. There’s a heart I could just click while the song is playing so I could mark it as a loved track.

In any case, this plugin is useful for that purpose as well as tagging the tracks. You basically have Rhythmbox and the Last.fm client application running. When you install this plugin for Rhythmbox, the moment you launch Rhythmbox, the Last.fm client application will be launched. There will be the Last.fm client application’s icon on the system tray. It doesn’t directly use Rhythmbox but hey, I’d rather have this option.

When you right-click on the Last.fm client’s icon, you will have the various options available to you:

  • enable scrobbling
  • share
  • tag
  • add to your playlist
  • love
  • ban
  • play
  • stop
  • quit

And because it is, after all, the Last.fm client, you will also see information about the song and artist if you click on the icon.

So if you’re wondering if this is worth trying, I think it is. And you could get all the information on how to download and install it from this blog entry about Last.fm for Rhythmbox – New Style. Have fun!

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