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Sometimes searching with those old boring search engines can be such a drag. All that text and boring alpha-numeric characters can just put you to sleep. What would be really cool is to just hit all my favorite websites visually.


What you’ve been looking for, perhaps quite literally, is the website. You see, what the AllMyFaves website does is to organize all the web’s top websites by the various categories that are already most popular on the web now.

The AllMyFaves website doesn’t use boring old text though, it lists all the popular websites with their brand logos. Quickly identifiable and immediately clickable to get you going on your way.

The AllMyFaves website is organized into groups including: E-mail, Video, Maps, Search, News, Weather, Community, Shopping, Bestsellers, Travel, and 41 other categories you probably wouldn’t have immediately thought of yourself.

So the next time you think you need to go somewhere quick, before you go looking around the web, go look where you can go first by uncovering the AllMyFaves website first.

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