Dry Your Laundry, Draw Power From the Sun

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Jinsic Kim wants you to shore up on solar power while you dry your laundry, with his Sunbox design concept. The Sunbox is designed to hook on your typical clothesline. As the sun evaporates the moisture from newly washed clothes, it also shines on each Sunbox unit, charging up its internal battery.

After sunset, the Sunbox becomes a portable power pack, barely large enough to accept a standard plug. The idea is to provide enough power at night for appliances, gadgets, and socket-driven lighting. Why run up your electric bill charging your cell phone, when the Sunbox can provide all the power you need at night?

Sounds good, but shouldn’t Jinsic Kim shoot for a more realistic goal, and size his Sunbox a bit larger? A power strip full of solar cells would be equally cool, and would have more space for a more capable battery. Unless there are significant advances in battery capacity and size, I imagine the Sunbox can only drive low-power equipment, for a significantly limited time at that.

In any case, it’s hard to fault Jinsic Kim’s optimism. Here’s to hoping an industrial design firm or manufacturer steps up to Kim’s challenge! Obviously, as a design concept, there’s no pricing or availability info on the Sunbox, much less an actual prototype. That may change sooner than we think though, so stay tuned!

Sunbox Solar Charger by Jinsic Kim

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  • cedric

    ya that was cool….jinsic kim’s concept was great…but those solar chargers wont work if there is no sunlight huh….giving somemore briefly about this article is good.

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