Diablo III Available for Pre-Order

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Sat, Feb 20 - 10:08 pm EDT | 8 years ago by
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    If you’ve been waiting to order Diablo III, now’s your chance to pre-order the sure to be awesome game through Amazon.com.

    Slated for a late 2010 [Maybe? Probably not.] or 2011 release, the game’s going to run you $59.99 and will be well worth your money because, really, what Diablo game isn’t worth your money?

    I STILL play Diablo II and when the hell did that one come out? 2000?! [I had to look it up and am very surprised it was that damn long ago.]

    When a game has been out for a full TEN years and people are STILL playing that shit, that is when you know you’ve made an amazing game. How many games that came out last year or this year, for that matter, are you still playing? How many do you think you’ll be playing in ten years?

    The only game I’ve had for even close to that long that I still play and love isn’t even a single game, it’s the Sims franchise and that doesn’t count since it’s not a single game.

    I hope, hope, hope Diablo 3 does as well as Diablo 2 did because I’ll be one pissed gamer if it sucks…though I seriously doubt it will.

    And, of course, I have many, many pretty pictures for you. Some are concept art but a good many of them are actual gameplay shots. And to make things even cooler, several of them make badass Desktop backgrounds.


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