Do Boys Have It Easier in Sims 3?

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    After playing though a couple of lifecycles as a chick and then a couple as a guy, I’ve decided it’s much easier to get what you want in Sims 3 as a guy than as a girl.

    I played the daughter of the woman I talked about earlier in the month for quite a while and the poor girl couldn’t get a break in the love department. She was maxed on charisma, had the “good looking” or whatever lifetime reward, was great at “being inappropriate but in a good way” and she had tons of friends.

    What she didn’t have was a date and that made her sad.

    I tried to get that girl a guy for three days straight and the closest I came to getting her into a “relationship” was a one-night stand with a guy who left her feeling “creaped out” – and if you haven’t had the horror of seeing that icon yet, let me tell ya, it’s all dripping green handed and gross looking.

    I initially created my guy Sim [Rhyss] out of desperation for my chick Sim.

    My grand plan was to create the dude, move him in next door to the chick and then they’d hook up and live happily ever after.

    What happened was something completely different.

    Instead of moving him in next to her, the house [where she should have been living] was now occupied by some old couple. Damn. There goes that plan.

    I set him up with a cool musician job and really had no intention of playing him for very long.

    And then, the asshole fell in love with a random NPC he talked with for a grand total of five minutes. I’m not making this up.

    Before I knew it, he was wanting to propose marriage and soon after that, he wanted to have babies with her…lots and lots of babies.

    Right now, they have a young boy, a toddler girl and the NPC is pregnant with another child.

    Is it me, or is the Sims easier for guys Sims?


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