Grand Chase: New Skills, New Jobs

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The month of February is almost over, but updates to your favorite massively multiplayer online games are still coming. One such update is for the popular online action brawler Grand Chase, published in North America by Ntreev USA.

The last Grand Chase update, launched in January 2010, introduced the much-awaited second job for the character Sieghart and the dungeon known as the Forest of Life. This time around, Ntreev USA is set to give fans of the online action game more things to think about with the entry of character Jin’s fourth job, the Rama.

Cheesy name for an MMO job, I know, but don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s weak. Just the fact that it’s a FOURTH JOB should send most players packing. So what’s up with the name? It’s actually what Grand Chase warriors who can achieve a heightened state of consciousness are called.

Grand Chase's Victor: Hero or Villain?

Grand Chase's Victor: Hero or Villain?

Let’s go check out what Ntreev USA has to say about the Rama:

Rama’s characteristics feature a more intense Burning mode and evasive moves as well as strengthened Chi. Charging Jin’s Chi while performing one of Rama’s specials will produce even greater results. Rama can also change his stance, a skill unique to this job, allowing for continuous combos and a wide display of excellent offensive and defensive techniques. One does not become a Rama through simple training alone, rather only those whose mind and body become one can attain a new level of consciousness.

Of course, even with Jin in your roster of playable characters, you can’t simply change into a Rama. Your Jin must attain Level 40 and complete the third job change mission to begin the Rama Mission.

Well, enough of Jin. Let’s turn our sights on Amy, who’s getting a new skill tree. For those who are in the dark who Amy is, she’s actually the seventh character introduced to the Grand Chase team.

“Amy is one of the favorites among Grand Chase players, and Amy’s Skill Tree has been the most requested feature for the past two months,” said Chris Lee, chief executive officer at Ntreev USA. “These new additions are what fans are waiting for and we are happy to give them something exciting like the skill tree and new skill attacks.”

Amy’s Skill Tree comes with a special event, according to Ntreev USA. To celebrate the release of the new skill tree, starting tomorrow, February 24th through March 9th, special limited items will go on sale and Amy will receive an extra boost when playing with others in the same dungeon.

Speaking of dungeons, the update also comes with a spanking new dungeon, Victor’s Fortress, which is guarded by Black Knights armed with strong powers of darkness and equipment. Victor, by the way, used to be the head of the Silver Knights (yeah, the good guys).

For more information about the game, go check out the official Grand Chase website.

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  • Karim15

    but yo when will the hell any other new jobs gunna com out becuase im getting impatient. i hope they realse sieghart 3rd job like next week

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