Flyff Machinima: Pudding And TGE Episode 5

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    The irrepressible duo, Pudding and THEGREATESTEVER, find themselves bored to death in the city of Saint Mourning in the fifth installment of the Mystical Ping Productions machinima Pudding and THEGREATESTEVER based on the surprisingly successful massively multiplayer online role-playing game Fly For Fun.

    So what do Pudding and THEGREATESTEVER do to alleviate the boredom that has settled upon them since the last episode of the series? Why, go on a date, of course! Naturally, THEGREATESTEVER, being the jerk that he is, denies that their romp around the town is a date. Pudding, however, remains upbeat and convinces her wayward partner to go with him on a magical balloon ride above the city.

    Mystical Ping Productions

    Mystical Ping Productions

    [Image: Mystical Ping Productions]

    In their search for weapon vendors in Saint Mourning, the two bump into Ping, an acquaintance they met in the previous episode of the series. Ping takes them to the Arena north of the town and narrates the short history of arena combat in Fly For Fun to the two new adventurers.

    Ping then gives Pudding and THEGREATESTEVER gifts to help them in their adventures, and teaches the obnoxious THEGREATESTEVER about being a Flyff Assist. Up to this point in the series, the noob had been using a +1 Wooden Sword with fire property because of his blind faith in Lee, who has turned out to be the villain in the series. Ping gives him appropriate gear for an Assist, including a stick, with which to cast support spells, and a knuckle for fighting.

    The first part in this episode entitled “Power Up” wraps up with Ping training the two in arena combat.

    Let me just shut up at the moment and let you watch the episode:

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    Flyff Machinima: Pudding and THEGREATESTEVER

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