How to Get in Shape for Beginners

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With a wealth of information available online for getting into shape, it can be easy to overload on what to do for fitness.  Add in the expert opinions that completely contradict one another and a beginner to exercising can quickly get lost.

The best method for exercising is the KISS method (acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid), especially for newcomers.  With KISS in mind, stick to the most basic of fitness advice and exercises to build a foundation for success that you can build upon and get more creative with as you progress.

I recommend beginners start by picking 4 days a week to exercise for 45 minutes.  Ideally, these will take place at the same time of day, but if not, you take your workouts where you can get them.  During your 45 minutes, aim for cardio between 15-20 minutes and resistance training and stretching for the rest of your time.

For cardio exercises, try rotating the treadmill/running and stairstepper or rotex/biking.  For strength training, do your best to work as many different muscles as you can.  An easy way to divide exercises is by concentrating on legs and abs one day and everything else on your second day.  Try finishing at least 6 exercises after you finish your cardio.

When you are first starting, keep your reps to 10-12 and your sets between 2-3.  You don’t want to challenge yourself to the point where you’re straining.  Instead, just make sure you put a solid effort into your lifts.

Outside of your exercise routines, make sure to get a balanced diet including the core food groups and at least 7 hours of sleep a night.  Be cognizant that fast food or other unhealthy food will impede your progress.

With these adjustments working in your life, you should see some results in just 2 to 3 weeks.

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