Overcoming Mental Barriers to Fitness

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    Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something and found out there was no good justification for doing so?  Everyday millions of people keep themselves from getting in shape because of hang ups they created.  The hang ups I refer to include things like avoiding the treadmill because too many people might see you run or staying away from the gym altogether because the “in-shape” people will make fun of you.


    It could be an idea like exercising will be so super hard, you need to try to avoid it at all costs.  Or it could be purposely arranging your schedule so you have the excuse of being too busy to workout.  Whatever the scenario, many people carry mental barriers when it comes to fitness and they end up proving very self destructive.

    Let go of your fears and misconceptions holding you back.  Think you don’t have any?  You may be harboring some subconscious mental barriers and not even know it.  Give yourself a candid self assessment and ask yourself what exercises you avoid and why?  Also question yourself on the real reasons you skip the gym.

    Clear your mind of past conditioning and pre-conceived notions.  You can’t afford to let any mental barriers stop you from achieving a happy and healthy workout.

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