Disney’s Tarzan for Sims 3

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Disney is known for its memorable cartoon characters and Tarzan is one that’s pretty unforgettable.

Maybe it’s his childlike kindness and charm or maybe it’s his hot body [I can say that about a cartoon character, right?] but whatever “it” is, the movie remains a favorite of many children AND adults.

And if you’re one of those fans, you’ll be happy to know Claeric has created a very true to life cartoon version of Tarzan for your Sims 3 game.

Since Tarzan obviously looks A LOT different than your average Sim, slider hacks were used to create Tarzan and you need to have them installed for him to look right.

Another thing to note is that Tarzan was created to be used in World Adventures. However, if you don’t have World Adventures, there is a “Base Game” version you can download. Keep that in mind when you go to download him.

Because of all of the customization with the slider hacks, Claeric has pointed out an issue with what Tarzan looks like when he’s asleep – his eyes don’t close all the way. A screen of that “issue” is included below but I wouldn’t let that keep you from getting him.

How often do you really zoom in on your Sims when they’re asleep?

As always, be sure to read over the Overview page so you can get the links to the custom content that’s required and you should be good to go.

Click here to download Disney’s Tarzan for your Sims 3 game.


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