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    I’m really hoping the process is well underway. Ever since I was a little kid, earlier than 4th grade I loved having aquariums setup. The highlight of my week would be anytime I could get my parents to take me to the pet store so I could get more fish for my tanks.


    I was a total fish geek. The Fish Geeks at seem to my kind of people. They’ve combined their love for the aquarium hobby with developing a website that’s simple, well-organized and loaded with pertinent information about the hobby.

    I subscribed to magazines, read journals and even read a book called Confessions of a Fish Doctor and absolutely could NOT put it down. I love it. Yep, I’m a fish geek.

    When I went off to college, I left my aquariums behind. After my parents moved a couple of times the tanks eventually never got put back up. I now have about 400 gallons worth of tanks in my garage waiting to be setup.

    Once I can get started, you can bet the Fish Geeks at will be one of the top resources on my list to make the final decisions of what specimens will be chosen for my next tank.

    If you’re a fish fan like me, be sure and add to your bookmarks and favorites.

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