Wenger Amazing Backpacks and Warranty

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    I’ve been using a Wenger backpack as my primary computer case for over five years now and have been absolutely satisfied with all of my experience using them on a daily basis. Wenger is the company behind the famous Swiss Army knives.


    You realize that a Swiss Army knife prides itself on having what you need, when you need and a quality craftsmanship above all else.

    You get all of that same great stuff when you have a computer backpack from Wenger. With computer backpacks, at least in my opinion, it’s all about the different pockets to keep things where you need them and ready when the time comes.

    I’ve got just about everything in my computer backpack. The laptop of course, power cables, power strip, external hard drives, headphones, cables, notebooks, folders, digital cameras, cords, Flip video, patch cables, spare batteries, pens and much more.

    With all of that stuff, my backpack is pretty heavy. Using it everyday, and travelling from client-to-client I’m really rough on my backpack. A few months ago I finally wore a hole through one of my seams in my old backpack and the strap was starting to break down a bit and twist up.

    Knowing that I’d had great experience with customer service on my Swiss Army knives, I thought I’d probably be pleased with Wenger too. I wasn’t surprised. Wenger stepped up, helped me find a replacement backpack and got me a replacement at a great price. I continue to be an ongoing happy customer.

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      • Mikey

        Actually Victornox is the original Swiss Army Knife producer, Wenger got the contract to produce the knifes at some later date.

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