CÎROC: I Thought Only Wine Came From Grapes

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CÎROC vodka is made from grapes. Who knew you could make vodka from grapes?!

Well, obviously the people who make CÎROC knew you can make vodka from grapes but I didn’t and I was all shocked and stuff. Can you tell?

The extremely nice PR lady for CÎROC sent me a bottle of the original CÎROC along with the new Red Berry and Coconut flavors.

I’m telling you right now, if you’re a big fan of berry Kool-Aid then you’re going to LOVE Red Berry CÎROC and I mean that in the best way possible. Really. The stuff smelled so good I wanted to drink it straight…just chug that little bottle like I was back in college.

But, I didn’t. I mixed it with Sprite and then I chugged it. I’m cultured now and stuff.

The Coconut CÎROC reminds me of Cancun and I’m sure that has something to do with the fact that most beach products smell like coconut…though you probably shouldn’t drink those.

Drink the Coconut CÎROC.

CÎROC has succeeded in taking two flavors that could have very easily turned out cheap tasting and kitschy and have instead come up with something pretty fantastic.

If you haven’t tried them yet, you should. You won’t be disappointed.


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